Kris Donald

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Kris Donald was abducted in Scotland in 2004, subjected to a knife being held to his neck, set on fire, tortured and murdered.

This was a racist attack. His perpetrators were Asian muslim, the reason being, he was white.

However, how many people have heard of the vile and vicious attack on Kris Donald? Can you imagine the media frenzy if he had of been black?

ALL racist attacks are wrong, so why are attacks on white people so under reported? Is there a political agenda in the media? Are they scared of being painted as racist if they point out people murdered for being white?

Normally the BBC headlines racist attacks as such. However the headline was recently

That's informative isn't it?

The BBC managed to avoiding labelling the attack has racist however. It was a "racially-motivated abduction and murder". Why wasn't this referred to by the usual media frenzied words of "racist murder"?

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  1. # Blogger Malcolm

    Maybe someone should start taking action against the enemies in our midst ?

    I hear that 4 Squaddies were scared off from renting a house in Datchett, near windsor by islamist thugs.
    Time to turn the tables on these scum.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Violence only breeds violence!... I don't think they understand that quaint little English saying. Let's teach them that! LOL.

    The thing is the British really some of the most tolerant in the world - up to a point. Then they go fucking nuts. I know I do. I can tolerate a lot. But there's a threshhold!

    It really is bizzare how we've managed to get such hateful resentful little shits growing up in our towns. Villages up north growing up to be suicide bombers. They must feel really oppressed by the locals and their neat gardens. Those gnomes must really get their goat.

    It's only a matter of time before the shit really hits the fan. We already have ex-BNP members caught with a massive haul of chemical explosives.  

  3. # Blogger jonz
  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    we have been calling anyone with a suntan a 'Paki' for years and god knows what other horrible racist abuse, perhaps we are getting what we deserve for being so horrible to people whi arnt nice white suburban types.  

  5. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    The racist (really ideological but it will do for the purposes of this trial) motive of this murder has been recognised.
    In the case of this murder it was not.  

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