Let's start of with

What kind of an absolute cocking wanker of a dickhead would be "happy" for a convicted terrorist to work on Londons Underground Tube network? Ken Livingfuckingstone.

Even the wish-washy liberal BBC isn't mincing it's words

Note: NO scare quotes.

Ken is happy for a terrorist to work on the underground. FFFFFS

Update: Six hours later Ken was forced to engage his brain in to what passes for "reality" and has U-turned. Just goes to prove, he's right round the bend.

3 Responses to “Ken Livingstone: "Happy" to have convicted terrorist working on the Underground Trains”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    When is the election, so we can get that toad-faced cock out of his office? Even Jeffrey bloody Archer would have been better than him.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    at least he did the u-turn, but agreed time to fuck off Ken!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I agree completely! Get that slimy, toad-faced, corrupt wanker out!!!

    Let's look at what he's done to London :

    1) Invited known Islamic terrorists and Taliban leaders to London as guests

    2) Introduced the f***ing Congestion Charge TAX then extended it against the will of every single London polled.

    3) Got rid of the fantastic old Routemaster buses and replaced them with the shitty stupid bendy buses

    4) Called a Jewish reporter a "Nazi concentration camp guard" and got away with it

    5) Employed a known terrorist on the Underground

    6) Continously hiked up bus and train fares

    7) Wasted £36,000 of Londoner's money on a fucking holiday to Cuba

    The list could go on and on..


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