Independent's Robert Fisk Anti-Israel Smear Shocker!

Shock! Another edition of the Indepedenent front page spread destined to line some liberals recycling bin in Hampstead.

The title says it all.

Robert Fisk: Mystery of Israel's secret uranium bomb

Thats right. The dastardly Israelis might have launched a uranium bomb. Quite how one can launch a fucking nuclear bomb and only have Robert Fisk know about it remains to be seen. But The Independent is there.

Previously Robert Fisk and co at the Independent wowed us with a really quite sinister, paranoid spread about the "United States of Israel" - the only comparisons of such an analogy come from Nazi websites.

Al-Qaeda have previously requested that Robert Fisk 'stop sitting on the fence'

2 Responses to “Independent's Robert Fisk Anti-Israel Smear Shocker!”

  1. # Blogger Pastorius

    This is a strange story, Jonz. I agree with you about the headline and the fact that Fisk is trying to smear Israel. But, the truth is, Israel, when questioned, has not denied that they used uranium-tipped munitions.

    From what I gather, using uranium (which apparently is a very hard metal) on the tips of a bomb or bullet, makes them penetrate better.

    Many in the international community object to uranium tipped munitions because of the contamination they leave behind.

    However, they are not banned by international law.

    What's more, I have never read anything conclusive either way on whether the US or Israel actually use these types of weapons. I have read many accusations that we do use them, but no conclusive evidence that we do.

    This is why I haven't written on the subject. However, I think you make a great point. The Independent and Robert Fisk constructed the article and the headline to make it seem as if Israel is using nuclear weapons, which is not at all the case.

    There is a world of difference between a nuclear chain reaction, and a uranium tipped munition. Ask the survivors of Hiroshima.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks for clearing that up Pastorius  

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