How angry are Muslims?

I was going to a post about the BBC disproportionately giving the oxygen of publicity to extremist voices from the Muslim community, compared to other media outlets. No real change there...

Then it got me thinking. "Muslim Anger" - is that really news? So I donned my investigative hat and put "Muslim Anger" into Google news. And I got 2,170 hits!

So maybe we're just living in angry times, and like, everybody is really angry, and stuff? So I tried some others, as depicted in this bar chart


Muslims are really angry, 2,170 times more angry than a Christian or a Hindu, but infinitely more angry than either a Buddhist or a Sikh.

5 Responses to “How angry are Muslims?”

  1. # Blogger Tom Tyler

    How dare you say that one Christian is angry! You infidel! Behead those who say that one Christian is angry! Slay their families, friends and pet hamsters!  

  2. # Anonymous Umbongo

    Mind you, they've a lot to be angry about: if you had to follow the unreconstructed tenets of a medieval religion "or else", you'd be a tad . . er . . irritable.  

  3. # Anonymous Steve

    Nice one Jonz.

    I might try the same with 'demand'!  

  4. # Anonymous Steve

    Jonz, I've suggested on Pub Philosopher that you produce this graph every month and do a trend analysis, just to make sure that your results are not a blip!  

  5. # Blogger LiquidLifeHacker

    Yeah...keep up the graph!

    Lets watch it grow and grow!  

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