The Cost of Muslim Fundamentalism

Who nose what she's thinking
He's not the messiah! He's a very naughty boy

This fundy bitch is costing the British tax payer around £250,000 pounds for her mission to get this country to submit to Islam and takes us back to the fucking dark ages.
Surprise surprise there are links between her and terrorism - her family attend a fundamentalist mosque - that has hosted the 7/7 bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan.
Also in the news, police have been ordered to give Muslim criminals prefential treatment:
I wonder if this curtesy will be afforded to Rastafarian criminals when they are smoking their joints, Christian criminals during Easter and Pagan criminals on May Day?

Somebody thought it would be funny to put superglue on Abdul's prayer mat


The Sun has given us a glimpse of an Islamic Page 3, and it's not looking good! Here's Keeley as you've never seen here before

2 Responses to “The Cost of Muslim Fundamentalism”

  1. # Anonymous Publicansdecoy

    Hi. I came over and said hello after the AQD march yesterday, much to your consternation.

    I've written up my take on the day now, which you may be interested in:  

  2. # Blogger jonz


    I thought you might be an anti-zionist agent intent on destroying our evidence.  

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