The Church of England Dhimmi

New Church of England schools should offer at least a quarter of places to pupils from outside the Christian faith, the government has been told.

The chairman of the Church's board of education, the Rt Rev Kenneth Stevenson, makes the pledge in a letter to Education Secretary Alan Johnson.

The Catholic church also said it would be more open about the proportion of non-faith groups within its schools.

Bishop Stevenson said other faith schools should not be made to do this.

Well I'm really glad about that since in Christian schools up and down the country there is a vicious intolerance growing for the non-Christian community. They need to integrate with the rest of society. 7th July and 21st July 2005 home grown Christian suicide bombers have proved that.

Logically following this, a Christian school could be coerced into taking in say 25% Muslim in take, whereas an Islamic school would have no such recipriocity. What message does this send to hardcore Muslims?

Update: Cameron Grows Balls?

Cameron also said that Islamic schools should admit a quarter of their pupils from other faiths

5 Responses to “The Church of England Dhimmi”

  1. # Anonymous Maggie

    how eloquently you put your point of're a..." f***ing prick". However, I totally agree.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    whats so bad with a bit of interfaith learning? Cameron wants the same of Islamic Schools.

    Personally i think most religions are fucking nuts  

  3. # Anonymous alison

    Nothing anonymous except that this mad Bishop is suggesting Islam is exempt...  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Maggie ;)

    I tried to think of something a little more cerebral, but I think a good insult is worth a thousand words.

    He is, isn't he?!  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Anonymous; see the update about Cameron. This is no endorsement by any means, but tis a step forward.  

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