Al-Quds Day - A Taster

A miserable rainy Sunday afternoon, and I'm standing outside the US Embassy with an umbrella hearing from Yvonne Ridley (or was it Galloway?) that drinking Coca Cola is liking drinking the blood of Palestinians.

Unfortunately I don't have any decent pics to put up yet due to incompetence on my part.

Publicans Decoy has though. He approached me at the close, asked me if I attended the Freedom of Speech rally. I quickly replied "no, no, not me! Ha!". I was a tad nervous as we were in the midst of a (currently) smiling terrorist supporting group of young delusionals. I rather lamely asked him what he was into, whilst my eyes frantically searched his jacket for "Hizbollah" or other indicative badges or items. I saw long hair and some indie band type badges :)

I met J from Justify This! about 12.30. We were the first "reporters" there. We got stopped and searched by two policeman (armed with hand guns I noticed). I am pretty certain out of the whole event, only myself and J were stopped and searched by the police. Anyho...

The chants ranged from the silly to downright sinister.

"if you think Blair is a terrorist clap your hands.."
"Hizballah [and undecipherable arabic chanting]"
"Down down USA Down Down USA"
etc etc

Watch this space, as I will be posting some video material that myself and J filmed on the day.

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  1. # Anonymous Publicansdecoy

    Indie band? I was sporting my KNEEL BEFORE ZOD (Superman) badge, which seemed vaguely appropriate :)  

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