Not all Terrorists are Muslim, But All Muslims are Terrorists

Jokes like that will provoke Muslims to murder people, according Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Muhammad Abdul Bari explains how it's all the infidels fault, and if we don't do exactly as they ask then "Britain could face the threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists".

Reminds me of the bomb threat to the offices of the mohammed-bomb-on-the-head cartoonists.

37 Responses to “Not all Terrorists are Muslim, But All Muslims are Terrorists”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Stop thinking that we'll blow you up or we'll blow you up.  

  2. # Anonymous Pan

    Wot no 9/11 post? I thought I could count on you to remind us all to hate and fear Mooooozlims.

    Lazy cunt.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    your just as bad pan, now fuck off  

  4. # Anonymous pan

    Anon: "your [sic] just as bad pan"

    What on earth does this mean? As bad as what? And how? Do you mean to say that I am also a lazy cunt or that I am myself engaged, as is Jonz, in whipping up hatred of Muslims? Or both?

    Explain yourself, sir.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    If JOnz is whipping up 'hatred and fear of muslims' then what are Gadahn&Co doing when they urge all muslims to jihad and infidels to convert or die. Just out of interest.  

  6. # Anonymous alison

    If anyone is demonising Britain’s Muslims or whipping up fear and hatred it is Mr Abdul Bari alluding to 2 million potential terrorists in his veiled threat. Rather than using his platform to condemn the likes of Gadahn and Al Qaedas war on infidels and distance the muslim community from them with genuine attempts to prevent home grown jihad. Jihad is urged as a demonstration of true Islam. So whose sullying the name of Islam? Whos propagating the fear and hatred? Its the distinct lack of a strong voice within the moderate muslim community to promote cohesiveness and take a stand against actions carried out in their name thats causing so much damage.  

  7. # Anonymous pan

    Anon: "what are Gadahn&Co doing..."

    Man, I dunno what those idiots are playing at, but I know it's got nothing to do with me. I am absolutely not scared of him whoever he is and I still don't understand your previous comment.

    Alison, this blog is entirely preoccupied with hyped-up scare-stories about eeeeeviiiilll Moooozlems, don't kid yourself.  

  8. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    Jonz's original intent with this blog was to point out a danger he saw long before many cared to notice. I for one took what he offerd and used it as a learning tool.
    I might not always agree with everything he thinks, but I do feel he has the right to be hyped up, especially when people like you still fail to care about or realize a problem.
    Though I'm unsure of the direction his fight will turn, I know he used to have a beleif in brotherhood, and since many of the dangers he warned of have revealed themselfs recently, I'm not sure if a continued shouting solves the problem or adds to it.  

  9. # Blogger Alison

    "hyped-up scare-stories about eeeeeviiiilll Moooozlems"

    ??. Muslims hype themselves up as evil when they allow jihadis to indiscriminantly murder in the name of allah without much fuss and whilst so called moderate groups continue to court the press and issue veiled threats. If no one moderate muslim cares to clear Allahs name that aint J0nzs fault. You obsess with Jonz more than you care to show any concern for this issue.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    oh look! muslims are out threatening violence again cos someone had a dig. But its Jonzs potential post on this that should really make us stand up and take notice.  

  11. # Blogger jonz

    hehe yes anonymous, I am the root of all the Muslim anger. If only I'd stop posting, Muslims would stop being angry and threatening people! .. The real evil here is of course me, for pointing out faults with Muslim attitudes...  

  12. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    what you do now will start a war not stop one.
    funny you could see a danger before anyone that came true, will you see the new one I warn you of?
    also strange, you being a doctor and all, that you dont realize the pchological terrorisim being used to increase fear on both sides and help the enemy turn this from a war on terror to a war on islam -
    and it will include millions of innocent people of all race and religion.....which we will be blamed for in the end just like we are for the bombing attcks. I see england as a turning point. It all begins with you. You should be doing everything in your power to stop a fight at this point, not join in the battle.
    with the anti american attitude even among the british population
    and tony blairs announcment to step down I'm scared. One of us is going to fall without the other....
    and more than likley it will be us, but who will you have then?  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    The Islamist mindset is retarded and dysfunctional. Their insecurity is correct, they are inferior. It obviously bothers them that their enemy is superior in every way. Their enemies can feed their kids, educate them, let them be free to develop and grow as they please. While all they can give their kids is a machine gun or a bomb, lol. Even worse, Islamists are happy to move and live amongst their infidel enemies because their own home lands suck balls. These enraged and self-righteous Muslims need to look in the mirror and blame only themselves for their problems. Their beliefs are the cause of ALL of their problems. To generalise, the Middle East is a fine example of fantasy beliefs hitting the harshness of reality. I'll be generous, the Middle East, on the whole, is ONLY about 400 years behind Europe - socially, politcally and individually. Remember the dark ages when religious fools ruled the governments in Europe? Guess what happened?Inquisition, crusades, and persecution of anyone challenging the church like Galileo. Yeah good thing Europe wised up, too bad that Middle Eastern civilisation appears stuck in a timewarp. Wake up.  

  14. # Anonymous pan

    Well, at least "Anonymous", above, is under no disillusions about the nature of this site.  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    erm, anonymous seems to understand the point of the site.

    I dont think jonz is here to hate, he and others may get tangled up in rows with people such as you pan, but that doesent mean this site is against islam, its just pointing out the things manistream news wont say, i think thats the point of the site poersonally, and yes it does get a bit fucking close to the bone i concede, but then so have recent events.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Pan, what exactly did I write that you disagree with? What hyping is actually occurring on this site? Do you not know about recent events? Who else in the world is like a freaked out bitch high on estrogen ready to crack at any criticism of themselves besides the Muslims? Seriously, they demonstrate about everything that "offends" them and many many die during these demonstrations. Why don't they demonstrate against the stupidity that runs rampant in that region? That should be their numero uno priority. Blind idiots with bombs. If that isn't scary what is???  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    And were under no illusions that you Pan have your head up your arse. Or when you switch on the TV and watch muslims hopping up and down with AK47s over the Popes speech they havent even properly heard, do you switch over and hum 'lalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!!!' whilst rocking back and forth?  

  18. # Anonymous pan

    "Who else in the world is like a freaked out bitch high on estrogen"


    And not only are you freaked out, you are fucking terrified, and hysterically so.  

  19. # Blogger jonz

    Pan if you can't add anything at all to the debate your comments will be deleted.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Pan, there have been some very worthy comments made now which you have failed to address!  

  21. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    what part of any of these comments was that? It's nothing but aggresion...which breeds violence.
    You will become what you hate.
    and this blog is becoming hateful.
    what happened to my friend Jon?  

  22. # Blogger jonz

    ... What.. a jihadi?!

    Calm down Tu s. tin. I'm sure it says somewhere in the bible to fight fire with fire. I think water would be better, but then I am an atheist.

    I don't think appeasing those who threaten aggresion will make them any less aggressive. In fact it emboldens them.

    If somebody pushes you around, what do you do? You stand up for yourself. Otherwise they will bully you.  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yes Pan, I am terrified, of a few things... senior citizens that drive and dumb ass idiots with bombs. Call me a sissy.  

  24. # Anonymous alison

    what part of any of these comments was that? It's nothing but aggresion...which breeds violence.
    You will become what you hate.
    and this blog is becoming hateful.

    Applies better to the reaction to the Popes speech Tu s.tin and to the extremists within Islam. Jonz isnt the one murdering nuns though. Much as, as an atheist, he doesnt care too much for their god devotion im sure.

    These are the issues. Debate them with your friend.

    Equally Pan - there are issues here for you to addres, try doing so.  

  25. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    The problem is that the rest of the world has become more civilized and is now bound by rules that Muslims do not follow. If 9/11 happened 50yrs ago to Nazi Germany, the Middle east would probably be populated entirely with Germans by now and it's original inhabitants wiped clean.

    People like Pan want to use diplomacy, rationaly work things out. Sounds great but it's not reality. It just doesn't work. Muslims do not use rational thought as we know it. How can you expect people that kill their own women and children to protect the "dignity" of Islam as being rational enough to use diplomacy? I'm talking about Muslim families in Europe where the husband kills their wives or severely beats them because they have become "too" westernized (or is it rational?). "God is great", yeah right, so great that god insists you kill your wife because she starts thinking for herself, wunderfuuulll.

    Funny how you never really hear/see the general Muslim population campaign against the fanatical/fundamental Muslims. But you do hear them complain loud and clear about rights and abuses when they get harassed by police and are inconvenienced at airports. Oh and then threaten their host country by saying 2 million terrorists could be created. Rational? Not even close.  

  26. # Anonymous Anonymous

    erm, whoa there akdarmyazz, i want to use diplomacy too, and i aint pan. what are you suggesting some sort of death squad????  

  27. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    A nice balance of diplomacy with use of force would be good. Using only diplomacy is useless because you're not dealing with rational people.

    The rules today in part embolden terrorists and terrorist states to behave the way they do. They know that the infidels will not come and commit genocide or destory their holy places. In effect they know they have rights that they would never dream of reciprocating to their enemies. Just look at the Christian churches that were bombed and the nun murdered. I guess I should have made that point clearer with the Nazi example.

    States like Iran and Syria should be dismantled. You sponsor terrorism it's over for you, no compromises. Like they say, you can be tolerant of anything except intolerance.  

  28. # Blogger jonz

    I pretty much agree with akbarmyazz.

    But I think to do effectively this we need an aggressive multi-national military force. Something like Super-NATO... I can dream can't I?

    What the international community is allowing to happen in Darfur is absolutely atrocious.

    Nothing from the UN.

    Condemnation for military intervention from the Arab league. (Hint, Sudan's genocidal military force is Arab)  

  29. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    "Calm down Tu s. tin. I'm sure it says somewhere in the bible to fight fire with fire..."

    It does and you fight the fire of hate with love.
    and I am in no fucking way a pasifist!!!!

    "don't think appeasing those who threaten aggresion will make them any less aggressive. In fact it emboldens them.

    This is true.. but you have begun to include the entire muslim population as a threat.
    what you are doing is making them defensive and putting them in a position to chose their religon or you. No one will be willing to give up a God they CHOSE to beleive in and of the millions of muslims who were living it as a religon of peace some ARE speaking out its just not reported.
    You are waging jihad back!!

    "If somebody pushes you around, what do you do? You stand up for yourself. Otherwise they will bully you."

    Isn't that what they are doing too???
    then you call for peacefull people to stand up against both you and them.

    when the voice of a population is
    to weak to hear over all the shouting you dont blame them.. you stand up for them or with them!!!
    and not by pointing out all things you hate about them or what they find the things to love in them and strenghten that.  

  30. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tu's tin,

    i felt i was standing up for 'them', i marched on the anti war rally, I have little time for the actions of this goverment (that i didnt elect, and just kinda seen islam as just another religion, i'll probably never understand them but good luck to them. Until one of my collleagues was killed on a london tube by a fucking sunday school teacher!

    attacking my government, the government for the irresposibility for things carried out in the middle east and against their people is one thing, but randomly attacking at the softest target available in the name of religion is another, and when that shit happens we DONT seem to hear the voice of reason, just more nutters in balaclava's.  

  31. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    Tu s. Tin, You're reasoning with current events, the point is the problem is timeless. You mention things that are happening now like, saying the recent aggression towards the general muslim population is making them defensive and that we should use love to strengthen the positive traits.

    But you gotta wonder why are we in this situation in the first place? What is the core of the problem? Was it because Muslims were always attacked in this manor in the past? Did they always get harassed by police and stopped at airports? NO, they were treated pretty much like any other ethnic group (for better or worse), so then why did the events like the London bombing happen? Is it because the general population started harassing the muslims? No, the home grown terrorists sprouted out like weeds because the muslim culture combined with islam is dysfunctional and add the catalyst of events that are happening thousands of miles away then you get what you have today, dumb asses running around thinking they're doing something useful by blowing their worthless selves up. They weren't in a defensive "choose your god or us situation" like you like to put it. They are irrational. Their total belief in their religion is the problem. Like I said, this is the same problem the europeans had back in the dark ages, where the fantasies of relgion came before reality. Now instead of burning "witches and pagans" at the stake you have idiots blowing up innocent "infidels".

    So what do you do with people who are backwards 400 years, I dunno, but you should atleast get rid of any governments that support this kind of behavior and dry up all financial resources ASAP.

    To fix a problem you need to point it out and not ignore it and only talk about the good stuff.  

  32. # Blogger Tu s. Tin


    "To fix a problem you need to point it out and not ignore it and only talk about the good stuff"

    I never said to ignore problems, they have been more than pointed out already.
    Things are changing ....... and not for the better.
    you don't put out a fire everyone can see now, by continuing to scream "fire!"
    and you don't help the ones who are trying to already.... by adding logs or starting more fires.
    we will all become pyromaniacs if we continue what we are doing until the whole world is a blaze.
    This will not be a war of governments or ideas it will be one of citizens and societies led by morons.

    "They weren't in a defensive "choose your god or us situation" like you like to put it. They are irrational. Their total belief in their religion is the problem"

    They werent but now they are.
    why do you think it is spreading.
    and the ones still in the middle will have to chose.
    who stands in the middle with them?  

  33. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    Tu s. Tin,

    well I can agree w/ you that things are getting worse. But it's not just about pointing out problems and screaming "fire" as you put it. It's about thinking about the problem in the right way and understanding it.

    But it seems like many people just get offended by this process. It's a process of really understanding the core of the problem so effective measures can be taken.

    I find it hard to believe why muslims would have to choose their god over "us". What is "us" exactly? Why can't they choose both unless one choice does not tolerate the other.

    Can you explain exactly why they have to choose one over the other and not both?  

  34. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I think you said it all right there....
    "if one choice does not tolerate the other."
    we need to start seeing individuals again, not start fires or add to it or push or pull people in, but pull people from the one already burning. I will give an example.
    There is a blog by a british muslim I was gonna leave anon, but I want to show his early posts.

    he started blogging from his concerns over the after mass of 7/7. He called the bombers nutters and used quotes around the word "cause" he began a decent normal person with an everyday life and thoughts of the future, he tried to talk about what he was learning in art, music, and he liked to play mortal combat on playstation. He tried to explain the differences in beleifs and lifestyles of muslim people.
    He also tried to weigh out and understand the thoughts of these extemists maybe out of sympathy or fairness he made excuses for them.
    which even I couldn't understand.
    over the months I have seen people comment very disrespectful things both about him and his religion. Christians tried to convert him and called his faith one formed by satan ect.... others gave him only the negitive passages from the Quran that supported the belifs of what even he called a distored Isalm, he tried to say these quotes were unrelated to everyday living they were about war... and that jihad was a personal inner spiritaul battle.
    maybe they were tring to convert him into extremism aswell?
    and it just might have worked.
    He grew increasingly defensive and angry.
    all comments he recives now are nothing but hatefulness, that topped with his obvious arab media influence - his blog is becoming almost radical. Is it entirerly his fault? In one of his latest posts he writes about a war between Islam and the west- who do you think he will chose now?
    I my self got aggresive towards him at times even though he and I had-had some very nice and civilized conversations at first.
    The change was in me not him.
    I had forgot my own beliefs of what is true. The same as him.
    and this happened when I found someone I loved and looked up to-to lead me blindly into battle and a media that only shows us Iran and other problems. will this be the same for him too if he is not strong enough to remember himself on his own?
    I hope that made sense and kind of explained where my thinking is going, its hard to take something so complex and leave it in a comment. I'm sure Jonz does not want me invading his blog so I will leave this debate now.
    I'm sorry Jon.  

  35. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    tu s. tin,

    the problem with that British Muslim is that he sympathized with the terrorists, that is a core problem that existed before idiots started to taunt him. The taunting him part brought out his true nature in terms of how he really sees things, which is making excuses for terrorists. Also, if taunting him turns him into an extremist and terrorist, well, then that proves my point of the dysfunction of Muslims by their religion.

    Religion in general is problematic but if a culture can contain it and put it into it's place as a personal thing it's fine, like the west does today, but if it can't you have what you have with Islam.

    The choosing "us or their god" part for me is not trading one fantaticalism (Christianity vs Islam) for another. It's being able to put their religion in it's place.

    Seriously, how many places in the world still allows someone to be killed by the state because they convert religions? How many places do you know where the husband can beat their wives or kill them and it's okay according to the religion? Just like the dark ages, right? This is the problem, we're trying to reason with 21th century logic and laws with people that are backwards by a bit.

    "Religion is for the common man, true, wise man, false, rulers, useful"  

  36. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I wanted to stop akbarmyazz but you make me comment.
    Your blaming everything on Islam again.
    If a person can find sympathy for serial killers...realizing they did it out of uncontrollable, untreated and unrecognized mental illness........ or criminals... for their upbringing, enviernment, drug addiction or what ever.... it will never make them become one them self, start to think it is right, or beleive that crimes should go unpunished....though I'm sure there are some "buts" in that.
    and taunting does cause people to change or act out. was it really his "true" nature that was brought into light? is it entirerly religous, or did constant aggressive influences from both sides cause him to chose?
    I'm not sure if the west has done well itself with putting religon in it's place, Bush says all the time "God" told him to do things? and we have insane christians everywhere here thanking "God" for bringing our soliders home dead...the destruction of New Orleans and even 9/11.... why? because we are a bad sinfull people, and if it were up to them the christian community they would like to live in looks alot like the one the taliban built. the opposite side to that is taking a communist view and putting government restrictions on all religion. China is a good example of a non Islamic country where people are still killed or imprisioned for religous conversions.
    You will also find "christians" and cultures where male dominance is used as an excuse for both oppessive and abusive treatment of women. If you say Islam tells men to beat or kill their wives does that mean all do? and all non muslims don't or never do?
    You also seem to think there is no 21st century logic what so ever in the Islamic world. SaudiArabia for example (and not the only one) is haveing trouble controlling the youth... with computers..cellphones..and influence from american and other pop culture..... will they create a future uprising and bann all these things? or will they eventually give into reform?
    You can not "put" people or their religion into their place for them...that is a serious control issue.  

  37. # Anonymous akbarmyazz

    Tu s. Tin,

    by all means this forum is for discussing perspectives so why do you feel compelled to stop?

    To claify, I'm blaming everything on the combination of Islam + Muslim culture.

    The problem with your examples to support your perspective is that you need to compare apples to apples.

    Comparing the "bad" Christians like Bush with the Muslims is not even close. We're talking about a minority of people in the west who are fanatical fundamentalists vs. an entire region spanning many countries who are absolutely backwards. The societies are completely different in terms of personal freedom. You can freely attack Bush, question the idiot's policies, and campaign against him. You are free to do this. You wouldn't even be afraid of terrorist attacks from fundamental Chrisitans. In effect, these Chritians have put their religion in it's place. Regardless of whether they would want a society like the Taliban. So yes the west has successfuly put religion in it's place, it can tolerate other religions and even ideological attacks.

    Try doing that in any of the middle eastern countries, yeah right. The societies in general are completely and uttery different. How can you even begin to compare. Yes there are idiots in all societies, but I'm talking about the societies in general.

    Try this...If you were financially free and could speak any langugage fluently would you and your family choose to live in the middle east or the west. Would you be happy to marry your daughters off to someone living in those countries? I mean according to you it's basically the same because beatings and killings happen in all countries, right?

    China kills for religous conversions? Huh? There are problems with cult groups but last time I heard there are large groups of various religions in where people are free to practice including Islam, Chritians, Buddhists, ect.

    Islamic socieity does say it's okay for men to be dominant and women are mere objects to use and destory. That is a clue as to how messed up the culture is and it is baked into the legal books in many of the countries and/or accepted behavior if it is not legalized. So are you saying you really can not see the difference between that and the west? There may be beatings also but the it's viewed entirely differently.

    I hope the youths in the middle east can open their eyes and climb out of the darkness putting their religion in it's place. Just because they have access to 21st century technology does not mean they have access to 21st century logic. Just because they can sing like Britany spears does not mean anything. Look at all the home grown "potential" idiotic terrorists living in the west. It seem some constant aggrivation is it takes. The blacks in the US were subjected to much more humilating attacks, descrimination, and taunting. But they didn't have a F'ed up religion telling them to go to Jihad. They worked within the framework of an aweful system and eventually prevailed using logic and patience. Something the Muslims know nothing about. Cartoons and speeches are all it takes to bring about violence, so why are you defending this kind of behavior? Like I said, the Muslim society is like a crazy bitch high on estrogen ready to freak out. It would be quiet comical except people die, mostly themselves, but still people die when they freak out, idiots.

    Control issue? So you think telling a rapist to stop raping people and respecting the lives of others is a serious control issue? Nah man, you're getting confused with semantics. It's not about focusing on control, it's about focusing on doing the right thing. Having a free and tolerant society that has beef with only one issue, intolerance (and stupidity).  

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