BBC Definitions: Activists

Activist [noun]

1. Murderers

As in "The authorities say that a group of Muslim activists dragged a policeman to a mosque where he was killed"

2. Assassins

As in "Sunni Muslim activist has been executed in Pakistan for the killing 10 years ago of an Iranian diplomat."

3. Terrorists

As in "At least five Palestinians have died in an unexplained blast in southern Gaza City. Representatives of the militant group Hamas said the dead were Hamas activists."

4. Labour party officials

As in:
"Tony Blair tells Labour party activists to move on after the "spasm" of infighting over the leadership."

1 Responses to “BBC Definitions: Activists”

  1. # Anonymous alison

    They get maximum value out of that word eh. To turn it then...

    Labour Terrorist.

    yeah. that has a certain ring to it.  

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