When 9/11 went off we had a party atmosphere go off down the road

This is amazing. Watch the Newsnight clip from about 12 minutes in. Rough dictation of these events:

Watch the local obnoxious Muslims exonerate their Muslim neighbours, watch them argue with the other locals, and tell a white woman to "shut up you don't know what you're talking about".

There's a loads. It's quite riveting because this is what it's like on some British streets where Muslims live who have become "more religous" since September 11.

They interview another bloke who says on 9/11 there was party atmosphere over there.

4 Responses to “When 9/11 went off we had a party atmosphere go off down the road”

  1. # Blogger Tom Tyler

    While I am pleased with the security services (obviously), I think that even today's events will be twisted by the MSM over the coming weeks. We'll see the usual calls for appeasement and understanding of Islam, and we'll be told that it's all the fault of our foreign policies. In my opinion, we may be winning the battles but we're losing the war.
    An enormous, widespread about-turn in public opinion (as shaped by the media) will be required, before we unite as a nation against Islam. I shudder at what it might take before that happens...  

  2. # Blogger Tom Tyler

    Oops sorry, this comment was meant to be posted under your "20 Asians Arrested" post.  

  3. # Anonymous Steve

    Jonz, I couldn't find this clip. Which programme was it on?  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Steve it's Thursday 10th August... I have searched and I can't find a link to the video anywhere. Bloody good little clip as well. Sorry mate  

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