Frollocking Fridays

A bit of light relief for the weekend.

Shocking news report of the day:
Secondary school pupils placed in low-ability sets often feel stigmatised as "thick", a study suggests.
No shit.

A new blog has appeared called Green Helmet Guy Blog. This is a take on the staged Hizballah propganada photos, in particular Green Helmet Guy, who has turned up in numerous different bomb sites. Here's a pic from the site:

5 Responses to “Frollocking Fridays”

  1. # Blogger Eric

    Heheh. I saw the "Green Helmet Guy" blog yesterday. The "bomb magnet" picture was my favorite.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Yeh tis hilarious I must admit.  

  3. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    a bomb magnet...hmmm.
    that might explain why hezbollah can drop 120 bombs a day with only 2 Israeli deaths.
    while Israel kills like 40 with each launch ....
    awh-oh I smell more zoinist mofia conspiracy, they control the magnets you know.

    ok maybe I'm still not funny.
    sorry I can't see you new page (I'm guessing its new...dam explorer.)  

  4. # Blogger Malcolm

    Friday !
    Friday I was finding out my flight from Zaragoza, Spain, to Stanstead was cancelled. And to return to Stanstead I had to travel 300km to Vitoria in Northern Spain to get a flight on Saturday afternoon.
    Thankyou allah for inspiring your raghead followers to take their babies on planes and blow them up.
    At least some good came out of the bad, I had Friday afternoon free to drive to the Pyrenees for some sightseeing ! And had a nice drive to Northern Spain on Saturday morning. But a horrible flight and interminable wait to get through passport control at Stanstead.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Glad you're in one piece Malcolm!  

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