Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”?

Please note this article from the left-wing blog 'Terrorism-News'

Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”?

Are FOX employee’s innocent bystanders or an integral part of the American war machine? That may turn out to be an important question now that 2 FOX workers have been captured by a group of Palestinian militants.

It would be hard, if not impossible to draw a line of separation between the US military and FOX News. Their anchors may shun the camouflage fatigues and jack-boots, but that is where the difference ends. FOX is a fully-integrated cog in the corporate/state media apparatus; faithfully reiterating the official statements of Pentagon Big-wigs and administration powerbrokers. Their “embedded” news team provides the splashy graphics and right wing chatter which energize their base and marshal public support for American aggression. They carefully create a narrative which makes deliberate acts of unprovoked warfare appear necessary and (even) humanitarian.

No one has violated the basic standards of journalistic integrity more consistently than FOX News. Their unwavering support for the war in Iraq demonstrates their blatant disregard for professional evenhandedness and neutrality...

What an absolute crock of shit.

Note that the 'source' for this is the nutty left wing site frequented by Noam Chomsky and other assorted lunatics has pulled the article.

This article has been withdrawn at the request of the author.


Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald attempts to smear the right-wing blogosphere as having

fundamentally changed the American national character in ways that are as dangerous and counter-productive as they are morally bankrupt.
I told you! Those conservatives are EVIL! Unlike the left of course who are of course morally superior....

Reason: because the left don't have sense of humour. They assume when people say outrageous things that they are always deadly serious (because they themselves are always deadly serious and have a problem with humour).

2 Responses to “Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”?”

  1. # Anonymous Umbongo

    If the writer of the piece you quote had listened to the interview with one of the Fox News kidnappees on BBC Today this morning (I know - but you get "news" where you can) s/he would have heard an incredibly (literally) positive view of both the kidnappers and the milieu from which this pond-life arises. Far from being a disinterested observer of the scene in Gaza, the interviewee - despite being employed by Fox News - appeared to be the usual complaisant uncritical faux-journalist aiding the propaganda war being waged by the Palestinians (I believe his wife is a notorious peddler of Palestinian propaganda - sorry she worked for the BBC World Service which is much the same,7340,L-3295457,00.html ).
    So, purely unintended, the writer on Terrorism-News has unwittingly got it partly correct: the journalism represented by the individual concerned appears not to be a "non-combatant" (in the sense of being an impartial and sceptical observer) but very partial indeed - and partial to the very people supported, I assume, by Terrorism-News  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    I agree, these Fox journalists couldn't give the Palestinian people enough praise. Guy who wrote that must feel like a right twat.  

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