Whities Only Please

Alton Towers has allocated special whitey only days, which will only permit admission to one's honkey brothers and sisters'.


Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets.

Isn't that fucking illegal?????

Update: Email to the Equal Rights Commision

I would like to make a complaint about discrimination based on religious grounds. Alton Towers have been refusing tickets to non-Muslims.
I believe this is contrary to human rights of equality, and no doubt under English common law.

12 Responses to “Whities Only Please”

  1. # Blogger jonz

    Furthermore Ronaldo should die.  

  2. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Alton Towers - went once, not bad - is near Leicester I think. There are loads of Muslims there, and the number is growing as they have huge families. Muslims aren't usually into fun, so this is a publicity stunt to get them in.

    The article says that non-Muslims could theoretically get in - so that will get round the legality thing - but of course the whole day is geared up to excluding them, which is indirect discrimination.

    Why can't Muslims go and just not drink alcohol or smoke (never knew that was haram anyway)? Why does this country have to change its ways so as not to offend them?

    You don't get Jews being offended by non-Kosher meat or hindus getting angry because we all eat beef.

    And yes, Ronaldo should die.  

  3. # Anonymous Umbongo

    Reading between the lines - since the MSM can't be bothered to give us all the information - it appears that "Islamic Leisure" have hired Alton Towers for one day and are selling tickets to what is in effect a private event. If so - and technically - it might not be illegal. Nevertheless, if non-Muslims are being deliberately excluded it is incredibly stupid. If "Islamic Leisure" sincerely wanted to show us kuffars how wonderful the world of Islam is then they (and whoever is manning the box office at Alton Towers) should positively welcome us to their day at Alton Towers.

    Of course, what all of us in North London are eagerly looking forward to is the Islamic celebration of 7/7 (sorry that should read the celebration of Islamic civilisation) at Alexandra Palace on 6-9 July.
    http://www.alexandrapalace.com/IslamExpo.htm and

  4. # Blogger irfan

    Seriously, don't be so stupid.

    Read what Islamic Leisure and Alton Towers said: "Abid Hussan of Islamic Leisure insisted the day was open to all faiths", "Alton Towers said any organisation could hire the park for a day."

    Will you be telling your readers to complain to the Equal Rights Commission about the gay day on Sep 30 at Alton Towers? I thought not.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Abid Hussan also said "although Islamic laws would apply."

    Why do they have to have a special day? Are they unable to control their sexual urges with kaffir women? Enraged by the consumption of alcohol? Furious at the mixing of the sexes, and the haram music?

    This is fucking bollocks. It's not like they're repressed or shunned by the rest of society - unlike homosexuals, who incidentally would be executed under "Islamic laws".

    Fortunately when Abid Hussan talks about Islamic laws he's not referring to executions or amputations (in this instance). Though I have no doubt Abid Hassan would be ecstatic if Sharia law was introduced in this country.

    No more gays! Kaffirs pay us speacial taxes! Etc etc  

  6. # Blogger irfan

    So what? There'll be seperate queues for men and women, no alcohol, no music, no gambling at Alton Towers for one day. Why does that bother you?

    Does it bother you as much that no children will be allowed in on 30 Sep?

    As for the seperate queues I doubt it'll work out. Esp. with the family groups.  

  7. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    What I don't like about this is that it reinforces the idea of exclusivity and separation for Muslim, and, by implication, the idea that they are a cut above the infidels.

    Muslims can go to Alton Towers any day. They can drink soft drinks - do many drink alcohol before going on the rides in any case? The women can wear a hijab, though I think the burkha is somewhat impractical for the log flume. Above all, though men and women are present, they - er - don't have to have sex with each other.

    Muslims seem far more obsessed with sex than non-Muslims, since some cannot conceive of a situation where mixed company does not lead to shagging.

    Alton Towers may be many things, but sexy it ain't.

    The last thing to be encouraged is separatism for Muslims, so that they stay in their ghettoes.  

  8. # Blogger irfan

    Why must everything Muslims do be politicised? (I accept some Muslims are guilty of doing this too)

    It's not about identity or sepratism or anything like that. It's a day out at Alton Towers. Nothing to get bothered about.

    Muslims can go to theme parks any day of the year. And many do. But just as any other organisation can book Alton Towers for the day, a Muslim leisure company has done so.

    Just because there'll be a gay day doesn't mean gays lead insular lives and are further isolating themselves by having a day out at a theme park.

    The Sun got its story wrong. It made up some disgruntled customers and used this as a false example of "political correctness gone mad". It's the Sun.

    Muslims should not become seperated from the rest of society. But a day out at a theme park is hardly the appropriate stimulus to be making that point.  

  9. # Blogger Malcolm

    Islamofascists don't like fun, so why would they attend the muslims only day ? Unless there was a couple of public executions. Are Dhimmitude Towers putting on public executions ?  

  10. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Are Dhimmitude Towers putting on public executions ?

    No, but they are about to ruin this couples wedding.
    Their guests who were planning to stay at the hotel have even had letter from the organisers detailing the dress code required. They thought it was a practical joke - but no.
    I got this other report of the story from a poster on the current Mumbai thread.  

  11. # Anonymous Flashbuck

    It's not a day where anyone can freely enjoy the facilities and amusements. Women and men hhave to be segregated on all the rides. It's apartheid. They have so-called 'gay-days' at Alton Towers and elsewhere where gays are the majority precence. But such days are not intrusive on others - there are no restrictions on what non-gays can do those days. With the muslim only day at Alton Towers there are mnay restrictions. It's apartheid.  

  12. # Blogger jonz

    A little birdie told me yesterday that the day has been cancelled due to low ticket sales ;)  

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