Lebanon: What's Really Going On?

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When will this be pointed out in the 'MSM'? Watching any of the news channels, one would get the impression that southern Lebanon has been nigh on decimated by Israel. We now know that the video shots you see in southern Lebanon are controlled by Hizb'allah.

The BBC has been keen to point out that detailed information about rocket attacks are controlled by the Israeli military (to avoid aiding Hizb'allah) -- yet there has been no mention whatsover that the Lebanon footage is controlled by Hizb'allah agents. Talk about fucking biased.

[Sourced from Vital Perspective via Charles Johnson]

P.S. This really, really, takes the piss. Watch it.

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  1. # Blogger DFH

    No wonder the Israelis don't trust the fucking UN tranzis.  

  2. # Anonymous Cllr. Gavin Ayling

    The BBC's Have Your Say is reassuring...  

  3. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Sometimes there are not two sides to the argument. This is one such case.

    Israel has the right to defend itself. It is doing so with admirable restraint. The blood of Lebanese civilians is on the hands of Hezbollah.

    And I'd like to punch Jack Straw's lights out.  

  4. # Anonymous Guvnor

    Damn it! I thought that Hizbollah had let a dove of peace fly over Haifa and they invited two soldiers around for a cozy meal. Then Israel started blanket bombing citizens of Lebanon day in day out whilst Hizbollah sat in peace crying at the unprovoked devistation.

    I will turn the tv over from BBC and see if they can offer me any more clues to why Israel would want to attack Lebanon. lol  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    What a load of bollocks on the lefty organisations.

    Leninology is now flying a Hizb'allah flag.

    Bungle on the Guardian Blog is (again) accusing the BBC of pro-Israeli bias  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    poor old bbc cant get it right, maybe, as everyone seems to be slaying them, they are actually getting it spot on  

  7. # Blogger A Free Man

    Well, the BBC, the UN, EU et al are continuing the proud socialist tradition of Jew hate! Apparently Marx was an anti-semite as were many early communists, although considering the Jewish involvement in early communism it seems odd.

    Then the German Workers National Socialist Party (NAZIS) kill 6 million of them, then Stalin purges Jews in the 50s and if not for his untimely death would probably have killed the 3 million Jews in his grasp.

    And now? Iran desires another holocaust, Every Islamic group aims to kill Jews and the socialists in the west? They quiver with delight at the thought of dead Jews!

    As I said, a proud socialist tradition!  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous


    for those that haven't seen it.
    some graphic scenes.

    best wishes.


  9. # Blogger Poseidon

    How to trick puppet states into attacking your enemies for you, and possibly start WWIII:

    (i) Shell a picnicking Palestinian family on a Gaza beach. When challenged, dispute the exact time of the shelling and claim a Palestinian mine must have coincidentally just happened to have exploded a few minutes after your gunboat shelled the area, irrespective of the fact that the physical evidence such as injuries to the head and chest would indicate a shell dropping from the sky rather than a mine exploding under the sand. If the "wrong timing" excuse is debunked, say that your shells landed elsewhere, studiously ignoring the absence of any supporting evidence for the "wrong place" claim.

    (ii) With the Palestinians suitably riled, place the bait. Small, isolated groups of your soldiers should be stationed at the border. This might consist of a single tank, a decoy armored personnel carrier (APC), and a guard tower. All must be orientated such that they are facing away from the mouth of a tunnel known to be used by Palestinians. Do not provide any additional cover. There should be no more than four soldiers manning the guard tower and four in the tank.

    (iii) If Palestinian "terrorists" attack and manage to take one or two soldiers alive, then you have just won the jackpot. However, the probability of this is quite remote. It requires that about eight enemy fighters crawl undetected through a sand tunnel of horizontal section approximately 650 meters by 0.4 to 0.6 meters by 0.4 to 0.7 meters whilst carrying a couple of handheld anti-tank grenade launchers (RPGs), a few hand grenades and two or three rifles. After splitting up, one group of three hits the decoy APC, and two "guerrillas" take on the tower's four soldiers. Another three fighters blast through the rear of the tank and throw in grenades, killing two occupants outright and severely injuring another. Inexplicably, a fourth soldier, in the same tank that was hit by an RPG and had grenades hurled into it, incurs such minor wounds as to be able to run 300 meters to the security fence and then a further 350 to 500 meters across no-man's-land after the Arabs blast a hole through the barrier, before snipers in the guard tower can pick off the fleeing Arabs. At seven-minute mile pace on sand, for example, plus time to blast through the perimeter, your forces would have to "stand down" for four minutes or more. Hence, you will almost certainly need to improvise. For example, shoot some Palestinian prisoners and claim them as "terrorist attackers" who were shot in the raid. Send two or three of your soldiers across the border, or better still, shoot them yourself. Offer the enemy a chance for glory by broadcasting the "tunnelling cross-border raid" spin; by the time they discover they have been tricked it will be too late to change their story.

    (iv) Order your Air Force to bomb Gaza, targeting civilians and infrastructure. Kill dozens of civilians, including children, and ensure you use illegal weapons. Send in armored vehicles and ground troops and illegally arrest dozens of democratically elected government ministers, as planned weeks in advance of any alleged provocation. The pretext is one of attempting to free a captured soldier or soldiers, even though your government is currently holding over 9,000 Palestinians, 900 of them jailed without trial.

    (v) As a distraction, stage an "11 series" phony terror attack, e.g. 7 bombs detonated within 11 minutes of each other on 7/11. The target will ideally have a regular Jewish contingent and a large number of Israeli tourists, and will be selected on the basis of which country has done the most to annoy Israel over the previous few weeks.

    (vi) With world opinion conditioned into perceiving Israeli bombings as a regular feature of the Middle East, ramp up the action by staging a similar pretext for military action against Lebanon. Send small units of your soldiers across the border into Lebanon until one or two are captured or arrested by Lebanese police or militia. Instruct the Zionist press to spin the event so that it appears that "Arabs started it" by conducting a "cross-border raid".

    (vii) Order your Air Force to bomb Lebanon, on a pretext of attempting to free a captured soldier or soldiers, even though the operation will lead to the deaths of dozens of Israeli soldiers and civilians within a fortnight. Kill hundreds of Lebanese civilians. Ensure you use illegal weapons such as cluster bombs, phosphorus incendiaries and thermobaric or vacuum bombs. Warn civilians to evacuate an area after bombing bridges to make this impossible, then target them like sitting ducks. Reduce the  country's infrastructure to rubble. In order to further terrorize civilians and volunteers, fire at the very center of the crosses on Red Cross ambulances. If the UN does not grovel wholly in support of your massacre of civilians, show them who's boss by bombing and killing UN observers after providing a personal assurance that UN positions will not be targeted; you can then profess "deep regret" even though ten telephone calls were made over a period of six hours warning Israel not to bomb the UN.

    (viii) Have "al Qaeda" announce that they will come to the support of their brothers in Palestine and Lebanon.

    (ix) [Optional] Stage another phony terror strike a la Mumbai, as a distraction for the next phase.

    (x) Target a US or UK ship as you did with the USS Liberty; with any luck, this time the damned thing will obligingly sink. If not, express "regret" and try again a couple of weeks later. After all, it didn't take long for most of the "dumb goyim" to forget the holocaust of tens of millions of Russian Christians at the hands of Jewish Bolsheviks, the King David hotel attack, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty attack, the Global Hawk UAV "attack" on the Pentagon and the WTC controlled demolitions insurance scam, etc. The ship incident may then be blamed on Syria or Iran. Whatever the target, the event will need to be at least on the scale of 9/11.

    (xi) Order the US to hit Syria or Iran with nuclear "bunker buster" weapons. Kill hundreds of thousands or millions of civilians.

    At this point, the Zionist billionaires in the US and Canada might decide to jettison their Israeli colleagues. Should Russia or China elect to defend Iran with a nuclear strike on Israel, the North American Zionist mafia will be hiding in their bunkers ready to pick up the pieces and turn the situation to their advantage. You can bet your bottom dollar that in the event of a WWIII which killed, say, a billion people, international Zionists would bounce back with headlines along the lines of "Sixty million Jews murdered by Iranian fascists". This time they would demand not just Palestine, but the entire world. Anyone who pointed out that the Jewish population was never anywhere near sixty million would be dubbed an "anti-Semite" and "neo-Iranian". The few surviving Iranians would then be paying reparations to the billionaire gangsters for the next 60 years, with the remaining masses enslaved, impoverished, and facing a poor prognosis.

    The immediate goal of the Gaza and Lebanon operations is to enable premeditated Israeli crimes against humanity and have some gullible observers believe that Israel is merely "defending itself against terrorists". However, the hawks would love to go much further. Leaders of the global Zionist crime syndicate, descendants of a Turkic Asiatic tribe who were chased from their former Khazaria homeland north of the Caucasus by the Rus'ians and Genghis Khan's Mongols, are very like the fictional Dalek race of the Dr Who sci-fi series. They are absolutely ruthless, and lack even the most rudimentary moral compass, conscience, or sense of compassion. They are hell-bent on conquest and world domination. And they are obsessed with extermination: exterminating everyone around them (e.g. forcing hundreds of Egyptian POWs to dig their own graves, with each batch being machine-gunned before the next line is ordered to fill in and dig the next graves), and fabricating hoax claims of having been "victims of extermination campaigns" for fraudulent business and political purposes.

    The monstrous terrorist state of Israel, created under false pretenses by the House of Rothschild and international Zionist organizations, should be erased from the map without further ado, so that Jews and Arabs might once again live in peace with each other.

    Latest revision of this piece  

  10. # Blogger jonz

    Scummy lying fascist.

    They are hell-bent on conquest and world domination. And they are obsessed with extermination: exterminating everyone around them"

    ..and fabricating hoax claims of having been "victims of extermination campaigns" for fraudulent business and political purposes...

    ...they are absolutely ruthless

    ...This time they would demand not just Palestine, but the entire world. Anyone who pointed out that the Jewish population was never anywhere near sixty million would be dubbed an "anti-Semite" and "neo-Iranian". The few surviving Iranians would then be paying reparations to the billionaire gangsters for the next 60 years

    Your comments are disgusting, utterly morally inverted. You are a sick delusional anti-semite. Adolf Hitler would be proud of you.  

  11. # Anonymous leanne

    his site (poseidon/jason) is in arabic..hard to read after translating....some of his friens links are from Iran maybe he is too...
    have you heard of this person? shoebot.com, he is a former PLO member..seems more muslims are converting and speaking out after all. heard him talk on the glenn beck radio program last night very very interesting and scary too... Has been trying to warn people of the dangers of the middle eastern world for years.  

  12. # Anonymous leanne

    ummm..whoops its shoebat not bot.  

  13. # Blogger Poseidon

    Jonz said:
    [meaningless name-calling elided] Adolf Hitler would be proud of you.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    In order for the Zionist Mafia's propaganda "Hitler was an evil monster / dictator" to be true, their moonbat conspiracy theory of a secret plot to murder six million Jews and five million undesirables and turn them into soap and lampshades must be true. (O.k., we'll omit the soap and lampshades, as even the hoaxers have quietly abandoned these claims.) And in order for the secret plot and associated genocide to be true, one must postulate wholesale revision of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic, and / or psychology.

    For example, coke deliveries at Auschwitz from February 1942 to October 1943 amounted to 1032.5 tonnes, an average of nearly 50 tonnes per month which would be 1,800 tonnes over three years. Even at only 1 million dead, that equates to only 1.8 kg of coke per body (and Lech Walesa announced 1.5 million as the official death toll in 1995, revised down from the previous claim of 4 million with no reduction in the headline "six million" total). In our universe, it is not possible to do (even multiple) cremations at 1.8 kg of coke per body; 3.5 kg of coke (105 MJ) would just about boil the water if, somehow, it had been extracted and placed in a vessel. A realistic estimate of 30 kg of coke per body gives us 2,000 tonnes / 0.03 tonnes = 66,667 bodies capacity. The Topf firm had managed to extend the lifespan of the firebricks from 2,000 to 3,000 cremations. There is no evidence that any of the 46 muffles at Birkenau ever had any brickwork replaced, which places their maximum capacity at 46 x 3,000 = 138,000 cremations. There are records indicating that firebricks were replaced at one double-muffle oven at Auschwitz I, so the total capacity for its three double-muffle ovens is (6 + 2) x 3,000 = 24,000. So 138,000 plus 24,000 is a maximum nominal capacity of 162,000 bodies. It takes 60 to 70 minutes to cremate a human body. Zionist spin doctors claimed that up to eight corpses were simultaneously shoved into a single muffle. The fact is that the rate of heat transfer is related inter alia to the total absorbing surface area. When you lower the ratio of surface area to volume and mass, a greater proportion of the mass is shielded from incident heat flux. Not only would there be no improvement in fuel economy or cremation time per person, but these parameters would worsen. This is a good example of the Zionists' intellectual bankruptcy, moral depravity, and scientific illiteracy.

    Each cremation oven was in existence for about 600 days. They could not be run 24/7, and there was a significant proportion of downtime for repairs and maintenance. If we say 12 hours / 1 hour = 12 cremations per day per muffle for 600 days, the maximum capacity would be 12 x 52 x 600 = 374,400 bodies. Again, even this is well short of one million.

    When the Zionists suggest that the difference was made up by some cremations being carried out in open pits, this does not help their "theory". It requires at least 200 kg of wood (in India they reckon on 300 kg) per body to cremate in the open air, i.e., 20,000 tonnes of wood per 100,000 bodies. A Douglas fir, for example, provides 800 to 900 kg of merchantable wood. If we say one tonne of wood per tree, and 20,000 trees to cremate 100,000 bodies over three years, that is about 18 trees per day to be felled, sawed and transported to the burning pits by the loggers - for each 100,000 that this method is claimed for (and no accounting for the lack of evidence of wood and bone ash). There were claims of second-hand motor oil being used, and let's be generous and assume a mere 40 kg per corpse. At around 0.85 kg/lit, it would take 4.7 million litres of motor oil for every 100,000 bodies. You can just imagine it: "Achtung. Please send us a few tins of used oil; ve haf some pigs to burn." "How many bodies?" "Nearly a million!" [Calculates how much oil is required.] "Duh!"

    The cyanide content of walls of the delousing chambers ranged from 1,035 to 13,500 mg/kg. In contrast, the walls of the alleged "gas chambers" exhibited zero or trace levels of up to 7.9mg/kg. These levels were regarded as too low to be reliably interpreted as indicating anything other than a building selected at random.

    It would not make any sort of sense to employ Zyklon B for mass murder. If you could persuade hundreds of people to strip and then, like sheep, carry on filing into a room for 20 minutes or more until they were packed so tightly that each had about 10" by 20" of area, they would suffocate within an hour if the room were airtight. For a cyanide mass murder, the guards would have to wait longer than this before cyanide concentrations had decreased to a safe level (even for those wearing gas masks). Witnesses do not report that full body armor was used; some claim that the Germans were eating and smoking as they dragged the bodies out. Compared to simple asphyxiation, the cyanide method would be slower, costlier, and more dangerous for the guards.

    And the Zionist lies for other camps such as Treblinka are even feebler. They claimed that Diesel engines were used to kill the prisoners with carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, in their ignorance, the Zionists did not realise that Diesel engines operate with a surplus of oxygen and do not produce nearly enough carbon monoxide to kill unless they are run close to full load. All in all, the physical evidence converges on the official death book and Red Cross figures which are at least an order of magnitude lower than the hyped-up figures for deaths at those concentration camps claimed to be "death camps". The lower, realistic figures are consistent with natural deaths due to typhus epidemics and a breakdown in supplies as a result of Allied bombing. According to the German records captured at Oranienburg by the Soviet Army in April 1945, the total deaths (from all causes) in the entire German prison camp system over ten years was 403,713. The total for Auschwitz was 73,137, of whom 38,031 were Jews.

    It would also make no sense whatsoever for a country that was fighting the US, Russia, UK, and almost the entire world for its very survival to divert so many resources to an extermination programme - and in an occupied country to boot. The US / UK, etc, cannot even maintain full control of Iraq and Afghanistan!

    One theory requires that we revise scientific and natural law, with revisionists lying in order to have their careers ruined, face jail sentences or heavy fines, get blown up / beaten up, etc. Another theory has witnesses lying for money or to try to avoid further torture, and does not require that we throw out our scientific and natural law. Haven't these guys ever heard of Occam's Razor? There is only one place for a conspiracy theory that requires scrapping the laws of physics, chemistry, etc - the deepest rubbish bin!

    I appreciate that strongly held, long-standing views are not to be abandoned overnight, and I used to believe in the "Holocaust" legend until I decided to look into it and found it was impossible. I would just urge readers to question the official version of events they have been sold by their governments, look at this book or this book when they have some spare time (you will soon see why the Zionist Mafia decided they had to jail Germar Rudolf!), and check out some of the calculations above. The relevance of all of this to Israel's attack and invasion of Lebanon is that World Wars One and Two were fought specifically so the Zionist Mafia could obtain their sovereign state of Israel. They needed a base for weapons (which turned out to be nuclear) and for training (Mossad) terrorists, in order to extend their leverage on Western governments. Jewish extremists are terrorising governments with bombs on trains and various forms of blackmail such as nuclear, rather than Arab extremists bombing trains and crashing planes so Zionists have a pretext to invade and loot their countries.

    The claim of "six million" dead or dying Jews was promoted regularly since 1900 - with Rabbi Stephen S Wise a major player. It turned out that the hoax was believable only in the context of a world war that had killed more than 50 million people. So Israel was formed on the back of this hoax, as well as with the aid of Jewish terrorism such as the King David Hotel bombing of 1946.

    On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion had gone missing from the Pentagon. The Comptroller was one Rabbi Dov S Zakheim whose previous position was at S.P.C. International, a company which made state of the art equipment for the simultaneous remote control of several aircraft. The next day, Pentagon accountants and book-keepers were killed when a Global Hawk fired a depleted uranium missile at their department. On the same day, Larry Silverstein - who used to speak to Bibi Netanyahu every Sunday afternoon without fail - demolished the WTC in a multi-billion dollar insurance scam ("Jewish lightning") involving remote-controlled planes, explosives and thermate. Current events in Lebanon and Gaza demonstrate what the Zionist Mafia chose to do with some of these embezzled funds.

    Hitler repeatedly offered to send Jews to countries such as Britain, but only on condition that they were not to be sent on to Palestine, for he knew the trouble that would result. The political leadership, puppets of the Zionist Mafia, turned him down outright. This crime syndicate financed Hitler in order to get their hands on Palestine, and (as they did) would have sacrificed just as many Jews as it took to fulfil their agenda.

    The solution is to "wipe Israel of the map", but I am calling for regime change rather than a full-scale carpet bombing of Israel and the extermination of its people. Pre-1948, Arabs and Jews were able to co-exist peacefully. One possibility is that Palestine be unpartitioned by amalgamating Israel with Jordan. Jews would then be a minority, but still with five million out of twelve million. However, removal of the (mostly North America, Europe and Israel-based) Zionist Mafia crime syndicate would allow the continuation of a Jewish state that treated its Arab minority with respect and worked for peace with its neighbors. The problem with the status quo is that "democracy" is merely a system of government by the Zionist Mafia for the benefit of the Zionist Mafia, with the two main political parties both run by the Mafia. If the big fish could be identified, rounded up, and - after a suitable trial - placed in gas chambers, then democratic governments could once again serve the people rather than a crooked, bloodthirsty oligarchy with a perverted, inverted sense of morality.

    I bear no ill-will to Jews, who are actually a rather diverse group. The Sabbatian/Frankist, child-abusing Luciferian anti-Judaic Zionist crime barons are represented by several families whose ancestors came from Khazaria. It is this Mafia of a few bloodlines that has corrupted our governments and set people at each other's throats. Some fanatical Zionists believe in nonsense such as the "Rapture" and do not care if the world is destroyed. Unfortunately, this world is all that we have, and we must learn to live together and treasure life.  

  14. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    as if your first very lenghthy and distubing comment wasn't enough, the second is just ridiculous.
    None of the points you tried to make are logical at all, especially since you say you have come to these conclusions through research and scientific reasoning.
    Why are you asuming the entire Jewish death toll in WW II is oven and gas chamber related? or that the figures can be added up soley from camp statistics. Thousands were shot, starved to death or buried alive.... most of these were babies.
    Do some more study.
    Maybe you could start by looking into Nazi policies and propaganda.
    Alot of it might look firmiliar to you.
    The thing about holocost denial that sets me off is the millions of others targeted who are simply dropped from the list (muslims are included in this you do realize)
    here is a simple wikipedia link to victims

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust# Victims

    and it doesnt even include POW's - political prisioners and "trouble makers". (including teens who just wanted to listen to the music of their choice)

    it is obvious you know how to use a computer... the world is at your fingertips... unless you live some where where imformation is edited or sensored by the government there is no excuse for ignorance.
    I'm sure if you do some more reseach you will be able to make more imformed comments.
    Nazi by todays definition sounds alot like Islamic revolution to me,
    and Iran should not be allowed nuclear anything concidering it was a jew who developed it unless you see this also as part of the zoinist mafia 's plans for the continuation of the jewish state.  

  15. # Blogger Poseidon

    tu s. tin,

    The official story of the "Holocaust" claims that around six million Jews and millions of other "vermin" were systematically murdered on an industrial scale by the Nazis. For Auschwitz / Birkenau, the figures have ranged from 9 million down to 73,137 (the latter based on the German wartime camp records). Jean-Claude Pressac has claimed as low as 630,000 but most Holocausters put the figure at 1 to 1.1 million. For Treblinka the total is said to be at least 800,000.

    The problem is, if all these people were killed, there would either be mass graves in close proximity to the camps, or the victims would have been cremated. Bones do not totally decay into dust and ashes within 60 or 70 years. For Auschwitz / Birkenau, the Holocausters have tried to circumvent the lack of evidence of graves by positing that victims were cremated, but the numbers just don't add up. At Treblinka, they claimed that bodies were first buried, and it was then decided to exhume and cremate them in 1943 in an attempt to minimize evidence of the killings. But there was no evidence to support such a mass turning over of the soil, and again, it would not have been possible to cremate on the sheer scale, given the available time and fuel. I would suggest that readers research these matters by downloading the free .pdf files for the two books Lectures on the Holocaust and Dissecting the Holocaust at the links I provided in the previous post.

    I would agree that some were shot. But Stalin's 1940 massacre of 14,540 to 28,000 Poles at Katyn was discovered as early as 1943. If the Germans had slaughtered millions of Jews outside of the prison camp system, then evidence should have surfaced by now. I would say that the number of Jewish deaths was in the hundreds of thousands - probably 200,000 to 300,000 which is hundreds of thousands too many and more than 0.2% of the total deaths. The only winners in that war were the rich Zionist Mafia mobsters who were mostly tucked safely away in North America.

    The proportion of babies who died at Auschwitz was very low. Only 3.7% of deaths were in the age range 0-10, compared with 26.7% in the band 30-40 years. In contrast, Israel's latest aggression against Lebanon has killed at least 900 in three weeks, a third of whom are children under 12. Israel murdered defenseless farm workers in cold blood as they were picking peaches, and then made up a cock-and-bull story about buildings being used "to store weapons". These images of Israeli handiwork" [not to be viewed by children or those of a nervous disposition] ought to compel any decent human being to distance themselves from Israel's war crimes.

    So much absolute rubbish has been peddled about the "Holocaust" and has subsequently been abandoned, that it ought to ring alarm bells however much one wants to believe in the official doctrine.

    The higher the figures claimed - political prisoners and "troublemakers" - the harder it is for the Holocauster to justify those figures in the lack of empirical evidence and possibility to accommodate the logistics of such a massive operation given the limits of scientific and natural law.

    I do not think that teens would have been persecuted in the Thirties and Forties for listening to Beethoven rather than Wagner, even if they had somehow been rich enough to afford their own gramophone records.

    Iran refuses to bow down to the Zionist Mafia, and for this I admire them. As an atheist, I do not support any particular religion over another. I do not agree with your racial/religious supremacist theory that inventions should not be shared between people of different race or religion. Jews have made big contributions to the world, and for one thing, there would be too many arguments about who invented what.

    Some claim that Einstein was a plagiarist and a warmongering Zionist, but I am not convinced. Regarding the Bomb and his role in quantum mechanics, he said, "If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker".

    If you click on some of the comments at this link, you will see that Israel's latest atrocities have spawned some quite racist sentiments against Jews, with talk of "baby killing kikes". This is what the Zionist Mafia want - to divide and rule. Ordinary, decent Jews have to put as much clear water between themselves and Israel as possible.  

  16. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    what do you mean they never found graves??? are you crazy?
    here is just one picture....there are millions.


    on a personal note..my grandfather spent 3 years in this camp as an Italian POW... not a jew....
    and the things he has seen I would whish on no one.
    If you want to turn this into a lesson I suggest you do some study yourself as I have spent years on this subject, If you are actually interested in a re-education let me know.
    There are millions of personal stories out there, civillians and soldiers from all sides and countries. the teen agers I mentioned were german... and wanted to listen to Jazz.
    your denial of history is an insult to the world and it's future.
    about Israel now, I will not disagree that the killing of innocent people needs to stop....
    your statement made me laugh though...

    "Ordinary, decent Jews have to put as much clear water between themselves and Israel as possible."

    funny because - the world has been asking this same thing from the muslim community ...when will someone from within speak out against the crimes commited by Islamic millitants and the innocent lives they destroy? NO instead they gain support.
    Israel is a country...hezbollah is not.

    now that you have made yourself know as an athiest who hates no ones religion or race I am confused by your anti semitic comments and nazi support?
    I hope you stick around, I'm interested to learn more of your opinions and where your from...

    PS my comment on Iran and its nuclear program was entirely smart ass...not racial/religious supremacist.  

  17. # Blogger Poseidon

    Tu s. Tin,
    Those photos of graves support my position at least as much as the official exterminationist story of millions of people being deliberately murdered by gassing. The latter may be dismissed for lack of evidence and physical impossibility. I do not deny that hundreds of thousands perished in the German prison camp system. These were mostly due to typhus epidemics and a breakdown of the supply chain for food, medicines and drinking water in 1945. Incidentally, about 13,000 Bergen-Belsen inmates died from disease after it was "liberated" on April 15, 1945. To learn about this, get Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust or download the free document at this link and see pp. 306 - 309. The following pages also deal with the "photographic evidence", such as p. 317 which shows how the Simon Wiesenthal Center forged fake "smoke" onto a photo of Auschwitz.

    The criminals rely on most folk simply looking at the pictures and thinking, "That's the gas chambers victims", rather than undertaking a scientific and quantitative analysis to see if the 'gas chambers' story they have been sold is feasible. Hitler said that there are three types of people: those who believe everything they read, those who believe nothing, and those who determine what to believe. The first group are by far the largest.

    Why would an Italian be held as a POW at Bergen-Belsen - was he suspected of being Jewish? To learn why Germany turned against its Jewish population after WWI, listen to Ben Freedman's 1961 speech or read the transcript. Freedman actually used to be a member of the Zionist Mafia cabal, dealing with US presidents and working for the Zionist goal of world dictatorship (as opposed to the front of a "homeland for the Jewish people"). He defected, changed his name from Friedman, and blew the whistle on how Zionists had made a deal with London which brought the US into the war in return for the Balfour Declaration which the Zionist Mafia were hoping would get them Palestine. So after WWI, the Germans realised that organized Jewry or Zionism had brought about Germany's defeat. It was not the fault of the German Jews; wealthy Zionist Jews in London and New York had done the deal, but German Jews were discriminated against, and eventually put in prison camps and displaced from their homes when Hitler came to power. In the last few weeks, Israel has displaced at least a million Lebanese people.

    There was never any plan to systematically mass murder Jews; the "final solution" was a "final territorial solution". The Nazis wanted to get the Jews out of their living space, not by killing them, but by expelling them as had already happened in a number of other countries (e.g. England 1290).

    It is possible that in all these cases of expulsion, the culprits were a tiny, crooked cabal of Jews who either deliberately set the others up or involuntarily tarnished their reputation. Nowadays, the Zionist Mafia needs people to believe in the "Holocaust" myth because (i) it justifies the creation of Israel and (ii) Jews generally will be rather paranoid and fearful of persecution, thinking that "the Holocaust happened, and it must never happen again". As long as the Mafia can continue its deceptions, Jews and puppet world leaders will sit back and allow or even encourage Israel's atrocities.

    I doubt if there were many rebellious German teenagers listening to jazz and swing in Hitler's time. These stories may be Zionist propaganda; the teenagers were more likely targeted by race. Still, persecution on grounds of musical taste could have happened, and this would be an irrational policy of the Nazis. There should be freedom of expression in music and writing.

    I am not trying to take sides; my aim is to correct disinformation. It is an empirical fact that Zionists have strong control of the mainstream media. This is how some have been duped into thinking that false flag terrorist acts such as 9/11, Bali (2002 and 2005), Amman 2005, Sharm al-Sheikh 2005, London 7/7, Madrid 3/11, Mumbai 7/11, Egyptian ferry sinking 2/2, etc, were accidents or carried out by Muslim extremists when in fact Jewish operatives were responsible. To learn about this, see my article here or here for an illustrated version. The bias in the mainstream media is clearly towards libelling Germans and Muslims for crimes they didn't do and excusing Israel's war crimes. Those seeking to correct these untruths will be perceived as siding with the 'evil' Nazis or "terrorist" Muslims against Jews, and the Mafia will milk that for all it is worth.  

  18. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    it's pointless to talk to you.
    I like how you say I doubt this could be true......
    your right the holocust MUST be a lie, the nazis were the good guys, wait.. come to think of it maybe the whole war never even happened.
    I hope your support of what ever it is..? defeats the evil zoinist mafia and the world can finally have peace.  

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