Check out The IslamExpo blog for more info. The BBC have already kicked off their coverage. Of course they didn't mention that this "Expo" was costing London tax payers £200,000. I'm sure they would have if it was some Christian event, but there you go.

Quite unsurprisingly, a number of terrorist supporters are speaking at the event, including Hamas' envoy, Azzam Tamimi, will be making an appearance.

Remember the carnage this cunt caused

New 7th July bomber video released to coincide with bombings last year.

The usual jihadi wank;

In the video, Tanweer refers to the non-Muslims of Britain. Because they voted for a government which "continues to oppress our mothers, children, brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya", they deserve to be attacked, he says, according to BBC correspondent Frank Gardner.

But of course the lefties can't hear him - they just hear Iraq war - over and over again. Change the fucking record, please.

52 innocent people deserved to get blown up on London transport... because of Chechnya and Palestine?

12 Responses to “Islam Celebration Starts. Tommorow Anniversary of July Bombings. New July Bomber Video Released”

  1. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Flyers printed off from the initial post on the blog have found their way all over the South East, to my limited knowledge, and maybe further. At least some people will now have a different perspective on the event.  

  2. # Blogger freedomprotestor

    Good news! Counter all this Islam-is-good-come-to-us shite. They think they're the fucking pied pipers.  

  3. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    "They think they're the fucking pied pipers."

    Yes, Crispian St Peters they decidedly are not. From 1966 (a very good year, I remember it well, sniff).  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    how could you have a party and not invite Hamas? really Jon your just a big Islamophobic fun sucker.

    just kidding :0 xx  

  5. # Anonymous Alex

    And of course the righties can hear us :rolleyes. Sure this mofo is going to hell and i'm not condoning what he did, i'm disgusted at what he did. But that doesn't warrant us going to and killing thousands of Iraqis, but i'm sure your all fine with that, right?  

  6. # Blogger Malcolm

    C'mon the lads in Afghanistan and Iraq, give it to the jihadis, get them SA80s working overtime !  

  7. # Blogger Malcolm

    Heres some fun from ask an iman;

    The factor which prohibits cartoons, movies and games on computer is not pictures in this case. Instead it falls under the category of Lahw and La’ib (useless forms of amusement).

    There is no doubt that these cartoons and games is an absolute waste of time and energy and there is no benefit. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘It is from the excellence of a man’s Islam that he leaves what does not concern him.’ (Tirmidhi). In another Hadith, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) says, ‘The involvement of a person in useless and futile issues and talks is a sign of Allah’s anger on him.’ (Rabbaani)


  8. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    The Union Flag reinterpreted in calligraphy asthe name of allah at Islam Expo
    This sort of thing is presumably not useless and futile.  

  9. # Blogger The Inquisitor

    Remember the carnage you 'cunts' caused that conceived this 'cunt'?  

  10. # Anonymous j0nz


  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "Look at these pictures. Here is one of the Union Jack in the style of Islamic calligraphy. I don't think the flag is the trade mark of the British National Party anymore, is it?

    "We are trying to give people a sense off Islamic history, of identity but, crucially, we are trying to provide means through which British Muslims can show how they have contributed to our society."

    looks like ridicule of the flag to me.  

  12. # Anonymous alison

    "we are trying to provide means through which British Muslims can show how they have contributed to our society."

    And by picking the anniversary of july 7 - they have. What better reminder of such a destructive contribution along with all the subsequent self pitying and elevation of spokespersons like Tammimi.  

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