Lebanon: What's Really Going On?

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When will this be pointed out in the 'MSM'? Watching any of the news channels, one would get the impression that southern Lebanon has been nigh on decimated by Israel. We now know that the video shots you see in southern Lebanon are controlled by Hizb'allah.

The BBC has been keen to point out that detailed information about rocket attacks are controlled by the Israeli military (to avoid aiding Hizb'allah) -- yet there has been no mention whatsover that the Lebanon footage is controlled by Hizb'allah agents. Talk about fucking biased.

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P.S. This really, really, takes the piss. Watch it.

CNN: Recognises Hizbollah Staged Propoganda in Lebanon

Here follows an amazing piece by Charlie Moore, CNN Senior Producer.

Hezbollah invited us to come see them again; it's the second time in as many days. Yesterday, Anderson, photographer Neil Hallsworth and I drove to the southern suburbs of Beirut and waited at a predetermined meeting spot.

A few minutes passed, then an old, American-made sedan pulled up behind us. Two men jumped out of the car. Our fixer approached them and after an animated conversation, one of the Hezbollah men stuck his head in our car window and said in passable English, "We're very sorry to inconvenience you but there will be no tour today. There are Israeli drones overhead and it's not safe to be here. Please leave now." Those were easy orders to follow.

Today, we were told Hezbollah was again willing to take our team into their neighborhood. Meet them at the same spot, they said, at 11 a.m. and don't be late. We weren't. We waited. Then waited some more, and what follows is a log of a very strange day with Hezbollah.

10:40 a.m.: Our team of Anderson, Neil, producer Tommy Evans and I arrive at the site of a bridge that's been blown to pieces by Israeli bombs. It's the same spot we met our Hezbollah men yesterday. Next to the bridge there are two high-rise apartment buildings under construction. This is a poor neighborhood and new construction clearly doesn't come here often. The buildings are heavily damaged, though, and it seems unlikely they'll ever be completed.

10:50 a.m.: Our translator, Mira, is making a call to Hezbollah's office, making sure they know we've arrived. You don't have to spend much time in these neighborhoods to realize that you're an outsider ... and you're being watched. They tell us they know we're here.

11:05 a.m.: Hezbollah is late for our meeting. We're sitting still for 25 minutes in an area recently hit hard by Israeli jets, so it's no surprise the mood is tense. We're not talking much. A young couple passes by -- the boy is wearing jeans and short sleeves, the girl a head-scarf and a dress covering her body ankle to wrist. They nod politely and continue past us. They're holding hands. We're still waiting.

11:22 a.m.: A crowd of journalists is passing 200 yards behind us and we quickly realize we've been given bad information and that Hezbollah's tour has started without us. We turn our car around and try to catch up.

11:26 a.m.: It's not hard to spot 40 western journalists walking through a bombed-out area, and we've just now found the group. We also find out we missed some ground rules. We're pulling into a side street and two men dressed in black step out of a doorway with AK-47s. Neil has the camera on his shoulder and they immediately assume he's rolling. He's not, but they want to check the tape anyway. We show it to them and they let us pass. Hezbollah tour ground rule #1: Don't show the faces of anyone we don't want you to see or pictures of places you're not supposed to be. Now we know. We catch up to the group.

11:35 a.m.: We're standing on what used to be a residential street. It's now a mess of wires and rubble. Smoke is still rising off the debris. Bombs have smashed nearly a quarter mile of this area and there's virtually nothing left. There's a twisted tire from a children's bike here, some compact disks from someone's collection there. Anderson is doing a few stand-ups, but the Hezbollah representative leading the tour is telling us it's time to move on. We tell him we want to talk to some people who lived here, who witnessed what happened. "Not here," he says. "Maybe at our next stop."

12:05 p.m.: Our car is being led through back streets to a broken-down building with five ambulances parked in front. "These are the emergency workers who respond to casualty calls when Israel drops their bombs," the Hezbollah man says. "Take your pictures and talk to some of them if you'd like." We're growing tired of what is now obviously a dog-and-pony show, but we decide to play along, and approach one driver with a few questions. Anderson asks him what kind of casualties he's seeing, but before he can answer, the ambulance beside us turns on his siren and screeches out, followed by the next ambulance, then the next. It's a well coordinated and not-so-subtle piece of propaganda that might as well come with a soundtrack titled "Hezbollah Cares."

12:16 p.m.: We again ask the Hezbollah guy (he won't give us his name) when we can talk to some residents, but he brushes us off and tells us maybe at our next stop. He's now on his cell phone and it's not hard to imagine he's making sure all the props are in place before we move on. I wish I spoke Arabic. He opens our car door, slides in, and says he's riding with us. We're fine with it and offer him a bottle of water. "No thank you," he says in English. While we have his attention, Anderson asks him if we can talk to someone in Hezbollah's leadership. His answer is short: "Not while we're at war." He gets out of our car and onto the back of someone's motor scooter.

12:30 p.m.: We're now driving through a neighborhood that hasn't seen any bombing, but it's here we're told we can talk to some residents. Hezbollah guy takes us down to what amounts to a crude bomb shelter and tells us the people here live on this street but are afraid to sleep in their apartment. The concrete room is dimly lit and dank. Two people on plastic chairs are watching an Arabic news channel. One sits in the corner yelling angry epithets about Israel for the reporters. We wait for the media gaggle to leave, then introduce ourselves. They tell us they're a mother, her son and his wife. There's no way to know if it's true. The conversation follows a familiar pattern:

"Are you scared?"


"Will you fight?"

"To the death!"

"Do you hate Israel?"

"Of course, and its mother America!"

We thank them for their insights and move back up to the street. [LOL!]

12:44 p.m.: We're back on the street and on cue, a Hezbollah resistance song is now blaring from an apartment. A young man on the porch dressed in black is giving us the victory sign. I look behind me and there's our Hezbollah guide encouraging the young man to lift his hands higher so our camera can see.

12:50 p.m.: Anderson is doing a few more stand-ups about our story that's quickly become less about Hezbollah and more about their crude propaganda machine when the "family" emerges from the bunker behind us and joins their friends in the street. They're laughing, talking loudly, and gesturing with their hands, mocking anger. I really should learn Arabic. Anderson does another stand-up about the group now standing behind us.

12:55 p.m.: We pile into our van and are now driving out of the Hezbollah-controlled neighborhood. It feels like we've just left a haunted house: Slightly frightening at first, but ridiculous by the end.
- Charlie Moore, CNN Senior Producer: 11:11 AM ET

What do you think?

Rarely am I lacking a rant. But since this shit with Hizbollah & Israel started it's been difficult. Israel as a secular, pluralist democracy has the incontrovertible right to respond to attacks on it's soil with overwhelming military force.

Do you think Britain would piss about if the IRA had fired 3,000 rockets in the British mainland in the past few months?

It's unfortunate, nay a tragedy for each innocent life lost, on either side. Now, to the question of causualties on both sides. It has been pointed out that around 370 Lebanese have been killed, and around 40 Israelis. This diagram may go some way to explaining the difference

Of course you can replace the Palestinian soldier with Hizbullah (or any terrorist militia actually)

I've been searching the net for hours for a good comment piece that reflects my feelings (I am woefully inarticulate and lack a public school education!). Nought on the "MSM", nothing of note from The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, any of the British papers. I've been searching the blogs in vain, until I came across this rather good little piece enitled Taking Sides is Not an Option by Perry De Havilland, which I reproduce below for your edification

At the start of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, although not unsympathetic to Israel's security needs, I was very concerned that this conflict not escalate into something which was a war between Israel and Lebanon per se. My view was that as the factions that opposed Hezbollah had been trying to undermine that organisation by getting Syrian forces out, it would be a tragedy if Israel's military action undermined the pro-modernist forces within Lebanon.

And yet after reading and listening to the remarks of commentator after commentator speaking for various Lebanese factions, I now seriously question if there was ever a realistic chance of these people achieving a disarmed Hezbollah within Lebanon. It appears that views like those of Ahmed Al-Jarallah do not have much currency in Lebanon (and I urge the commentariat to link to Lebanese sources which suggest otherwise), which means if Israel was just going to wait for political development across the border to eventually neutralise the clear and present threat of Hezbollah, they would have had a very long wait indeed.

In short, I find myself inescapably drawn to the notion that not only is the Israeli action warranted, I now think there is no good reason the IDF should avoid attacking targets of strategic value to Hezbollah which are located in non-Hezbollah areas. Moreover, I would urge them to follow the logic of that position and start striking targets in Syria and (above all) in Iran in order to impose a cost on those governments for their actions in enabling Hezbollah.

Much as I support the idea of a modernist secular Lebanon, perhaps that is simply not within the power of non-Islamists in Lebanon to deliver until military realities have altered the political realities. In short, if the other factions within Lebanon do not want Israel to completely demolish the national infrastructure that Hezbollah also uses, they need to realise that they, as well as Israel, need to declare war on Hezbollah. As long as ports, roads and airfields in Lebanon can be used by Hezbollah, neutrality is simply not an option for anyone.

The delicate balance of power within the Cedar nation became untenable the moment Hezbollah in effect declared war in Israel on behalf of all of Lebanon and as a result, either Hezbollah is expelled from the government, declared a criminal organisation and confronted militarily by Lebanon's army... or Lebanon (and not just Hezbollah) is indeed at war with Israel and must accept the consequences. There are no other realistic alternatives.

A heavily armed militia attacks your territory. What are you meant to do?

"The left" defends Hizbollah and her allies... Visting their site you will find no condemnation of the terror attacks on Israel (let's face it - they fully support them)

From David Aaronovitch's Comment piece in The Times today

....It makes more sense to ask why Hezbollah provoked this crisis. There is a whole cottage industry devoted to the reweaving of Hezbollah as a kind of unique mixture of cool guerrillismo and charity organisation, and its leader Hassan Nasrullah as the turbanned love-child of Gerry Adams and Bob Geldof. For a few years now, one or other of the preachers of this pleasant metamorphosis will appear to tell us how sophisticated, tactically astute and popular Nasrullah and his men are.

.... On the BBC yesterday I heard a reporter in the bombed port city of Tyre being told by a local man: “No Hezbollah in Tyre!” Which — as the reporter didn’t say — will come as extraordinary news to everyone in Lebanon. [LOL!]

It seems to me to be utterly reasonable for Israel to take steps against an extragovernmental armed force — one that is not party to the Palestinian-Israeli dispute — that threatens its borders.

The bigger questions are whether Israel’s actions will attain the desired result, and what the international community can do, if anything, to help that process. This is a matter of trying to ensure that the military campaign for security does not fatally weaken support for the democratic and reform forces in Lebanon. It is unlikely that the Israelis have any very deliberate strategy for coping with this dilemma.

That might then be the role of any international force, if it were to be deployed in southern Lebanon, as Tony Blair desires. It would have to negotiate and help to enforce the disarming of Hezbollah and the integration of its fighters back into society, while quite possibly facilitating the return of Lebanese prisoners held by the Israelis and withdrawal by Israel from the disputed Sheba farms area. It would be UN Resolution 1559, with guns.

The trouble is that I cannot for a moment see Hezbollah, or its Iranian and Syrian allies, agreeing to it. In which case the force would either fight in the southern suburbs of Beirut, or it would sit impotently, watching the missiles go both ways overhead.

And there’s more at stake even than this. The Mohajer-4 drone, supplied by Iran and test-flown over Israeli soil in 2004 and 2005, could — as Professor Paul Rogers, of Bradford University, pointed out last year — be adapted to take “cluster munitions or even a chemical-weapon payload”. “The short flight of the Mohajer 4,” wrote Rogers, “could be seen as the precursor of a fundamental shift.”

Developed by Iran, used by Hezbollah. And what else might Iran be developing? And who, we may ask ourselves over the charred meat, might use it?
A reader dumb-arse leftist helpfully labels Mr Aaronovitch a racist for saying mentioning turban:

The turbanned love-child of Gerry Adams and Bob Geldof." Wow. Way to undermine your entire argument with a well placed piece of unintended racism. And I was pretty much agreeing with you up to that point. Go David.

EqualOpportunity, Glasgow

Something a little more amusing, Bush cuts through all the stuffy politicians' crap at the G8 meeting with "Yo! Blair!" and "thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hizbollah to stop doing this shit" !!!


There's actually another rather good comment piece over at The Times,
World leaders must do better than ground troops to silence Hezbollah

It is hard to see how ground troops, presumably under UN auspices, could stop Hezbollah’s Iranian-made rockets, with a range of 50 miles, from sailing overhead. Besides, there is already a 2,000-strong UN mission in the area, where it has been since 1978, although it does not have the power to enforce peace. Any new force, presumably with a stiffer mandate, could take months to form and then mobilise. This may be an honourable idea, but it does not look like a solution.
Good point .... Well the UN is infamous for it's uselessness in the world stage, and it's terror inducing strongly worded statments..... Hat tip Harry's Place


Meanwhile lefties openly support Hizbollah's attacks against Israel;

I hope hizbollah give the Israelis such a fucking kicking. The Israeli forces are afraid to advance any futher into lebanon because of the kicking they received before.
Eastman20 | 18 Jul, 14:34 | #

Hezbollah's 'aggression' is self-defense. For fuck's sake.
lenin | Homepage | 18 Jul, 12:36 | #

"Terrorist Attack"

Update: Pictures you won't find in the MSM. This is terrorism. WARNING GRAPHIC

The BBC also incorrectly describes Pickled Politics "[who] use the Iraq war, Western foreign policy and international media coverage to discuss Tuesday's events". There is often a tendancy to ignore the woolly mammoth in the room over at PP, but even they didn't say something so, well, stupid...

July 12 (Bloomberg) -- Mumbai, India's commercial hub, was rocked by seven explosions on trains and in commuter stations yesterday, killing at least 163 people and injuring 459 in the nation's worst terrorist attack in 13 years.

The explosions occurred within 30 minutes starting at 6 p.m., tearing apart train cars and ripping through rush-hour crowds in this city of 16 million. Mumbai police commissioner A.N. Roy said in a televised interview that much of the rail network was suspended and phone services were disrupted.

The Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist group, which seeks an end to Indian control of Jammu & Kashmir state, claimed responsibility,
Reuters on the other hand respectfully avoids any "value-judgements" by placing terrorist attack in quotes;

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that President Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz strongly condemned the "terrorist attack" in Mumbai.

Check out The IslamExpo blog for more info. The BBC have already kicked off their coverage. Of course they didn't mention that this "Expo" was costing London tax payers £200,000. I'm sure they would have if it was some Christian event, but there you go.

Quite unsurprisingly, a number of terrorist supporters are speaking at the event, including Hamas' envoy, Azzam Tamimi, will be making an appearance.

Remember the carnage this cunt caused

New 7th July bomber video released to coincide with bombings last year.

The usual jihadi wank;

In the video, Tanweer refers to the non-Muslims of Britain. Because they voted for a government which "continues to oppress our mothers, children, brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya", they deserve to be attacked, he says, according to BBC correspondent Frank Gardner.

But of course the lefties can't hear him - they just hear Iraq war - over and over again. Change the fucking record, please.

52 innocent people deserved to get blown up on London transport... because of Chechnya and Palestine?

MI5: 400,000 British Muslims Sympathetic to Violent Jihad

Officers at a Scotland Yard briefing said they continued to be very concerned by the intelligence picture, with 70 investigations continuing and some of the information received described as "very sinister".

The head of the Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch, Peter Clarke, said 60 people were awaiting trial in the UK for terrorist-related offences.

But he warned: "This is unprecedented, and the flow of new cases shows no sign of abating - if anything it is accelerating."

MI5 believes, from polls, that around 400,000 people in the UK are "sympathetic to violent jihad around the world", said Frank Gardner.

Within that number 1,200 people have been identified as being activists the security service believe are engaged in acts of terrorism at home and abroad, he said.

The first anniversary of the bombings of London will be marked on Friday by a national two-minute silence [and a fuck-off massive exhbition of Islam at an expense of £200,000 to the London tax payer - Ed]

Nothing to see here, move along please.

"Islam and terrorism are two words that don't go together" - Brian Paddick, Senior Police Officer, and utter twat, at a press conference on 8th July.

Britain is full of Islamophobes (how unfounded! how irrational!)

MI5 must be the only organisation in Britain that's not in complete denial regarding the British Muslim community. Well they'd better be - they are there to protect the country. Politically correct thinking in the intelligence community would be fateful. "Terrorists? What terrorists? That's BlairBushHitler trying to scare you into a war with the Martians!"

Imam Stabbed by Christian Fundamentalist

Yes of course, I am talking bollocks. This never happens. However in Turkey (yes please join the EU, that's just what we need!) a Catholic priest was knifed and shot in the back - by a "youth".

The man had allegedly made complaints about Fr Brunissen trying to convert people to his faith.

Reports said he was attacked in a busy street about 1km from his church.

"I hope this has nothing to with Islamic fundamentalism," Monsignor Luigi Padovese, the apostolic vicar for Anatolia, told the Associated Press news agency .

"The climate has changed... it is the Catholic priests that are being targeted."

Father Andrea Santoro, an Italian, was shot dead in his church in the northern town of Trabzon in February.

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with the 60-year-old priest's death. Witnesses said the youth yelled "God is great" in Arabic before firing two bullets into Santoro's back.

Another priest, a Slovenian, was grabbed by the throat, thrown into a garden and received death threats during an attack in the port of Izmir, AP said.

Whities Only Please

Alton Towers has allocated special whitey only days, which will only permit admission to one's honkey brothers and sisters'.


Non-Muslims phoning the Staffordshire park have been refused tickets.

Isn't that fucking illegal?????

Update: Email to the Equal Rights Commision

I would like to make a complaint about discrimination based on religious grounds. Alton Towers have been refusing tickets to non-Muslims.
I believe this is contrary to human rights of equality, and no doubt under English common law.

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