Sunny has a "very bad taste" in his mouth

What could it be I wonder? Terrorist spunk? Cynaide? Who knows. Answers in the comments by all means.

Regarding the terror raid.. "The case stank from the very beginning as the media reports came in". You would be forgiven for rolling your eyes at this point...

Some choice comments:

J0nz - you’re soooo paranoid and the exact sort of person that The Politics Of Fear, [] needs to exist and succeed.
don’t believe everything you see in the newspapers or that comes from the police or government. they lie you see - John Charles De Menezes, ran and jumped the tube barrier did he? er, no he walked and used his oyster card. what a great coup for our intelligence agencies.
and of course our great government wouldn’t lie to us now would it? do the letters W M D mean anything to you?


I later commented

Which prompts the question of why law-enforcement officials are making so many errors.

I’ll tell you why. Because we all know that intelligence being forwarded from Muslim communities is next to nothing. There is a very real reluctance to shop a “brother”. After 7/7 they had to try very fucking hard, because people were not forthcoming. There is a large swell of tacit support for Islamists in the Muslim commnity, or at least a fatalistic apathy.

Oh and piss off ContraryMary. My colleague was blown to bits on the fucking bus. I would have take the route to Russel Sq on 7th July if I hadn’t sprained my wrist the day before. So don’t call me paranoid. You sound like Simon Jenkins who summised on the morning of 7th July that the Islamic terror threat was imagined. Your rheotoric is offensive and pea-brained.

9 Responses to “Sunny has a "very bad taste" in his mouth”

  1. # Anonymous Alison

    Over at PP the request is the police are honest and hold up their hands.
    When they are then they are 'twisting and turning'. The police are restricted because they are subject to the IPCC investigation. If ever you want proof that they cant win in this situation then Sunnys post demonstrates it - out before the facts in the case are. Better off all round if they dont bother acting on intelligence and treat the threat with mild amusement. So long as its other people and not 'maligned'
    communities that face any danger. We are ALL victims of terror and have to deal with all the shit and 'inconvenience' that can and might play out but some factions of society need to be closeted whilst everyone else just has to get on? Get OVER it. With an unhelpful post like that small wonder moonbats like MaryFairy come out to play.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Well they've now released the two suspects without charge...

    Ergo... the police shouldn't be so heavy handed with suspected terrorists, and should consult the community before hand (just imagine that one!). Bla bla bla

    Doesn't change a thing for me.  

  3. # Anonymous alison

    Interesting to see theyre suing the police. LOL. Can we sue the brother for his charming little demo in February? The police will turn up something on these two sooner or later. It all stinks. ...'Protesting too much' and all that....  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    They are saying they could get up to half a mil. Cushy little number. I hope to get raided at sometime in the near future...  

  5. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Apparently about 300 Muslims turned out to protest today about this raid. That's - er - 300 more than turned out to protest the activities of their "Muslim brothers" on July 7.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    Well we all know where their loyalties lie. George Galloway is, predictably, also jumping on the bandwagon, treachorous little shit that he is.  

  7. # Blogger Gormless Norman

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
    shave your pussy, it's too damn hairy.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous
  9. # Anonymous Anonymous
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