Planning a visit to Islam Expo July 2006?

Then visit the new IslamExpo blog

15 Responses to “Planning a visit to Islam Expo July 2006?”

  1. # Blogger Old Peculier

    A couple of Muslims or Muslim apologists seem to have found their way onto the new site. Perhaps they thought it was about how good the exhibition is.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Let's roll.  

  3. # Anonymous Captain Bastard

    "Let's roll"

    HA HA jonz you're so funny!  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    I know Bastard, I know.  

  5. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    It's only rock and roll but I like it.  

  6. # Blogger Malcolm

    Er, what is the muslim expo ? A few heads rolling around, some women being stond to death ?  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    FYI Captain Bastard called me a fag, so I edited his comment to reflect a more peaceful, tolerant version of leftist commentariat.  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Islamic concept of Al-Taqiyah to infiltrate and destroy kafir countries

    Al-Taqiyah. Al-Taqiyah, from the verb Ittaqu, means linguistically dodge the threat. Politically it means simulate whatever status you need in order to win the war against the enemy ...

    According to Al-Taqiyah, Muslims were granted the Shar'iyee right (legitimacy) to infiltrate the Dar el-Harb (war zone), infiltrate the enemy's cities and forums and plant the seeds of discord and sedition. These agents were acting on behalf of the Muslim authority at war, and therefore were not considered as lying against or denouncing the tenants of Islam.

    They were "legitimate" mujahedeen, whose mission was to undermine the enemy's resistance and level of mobilization. One of their major objectives was to cause a split among the enemy's camp while downplaying the issues related to Islam ("Oh, I am not religious." "Oh, that is not Islam, you are mistaken, there is so much misinformation." "Oh, it is in the interpretation." "Brother, Islam is all about peace and love and music just like in the 60s.") In many instances, they convinced their targeted audiences that Jihad is not aimed at them, that indigenous people are not targeted. Meanwhile the (allegedly) "un Islamic" Muslims continued their attacks on the target's property and life (e.g. Lashkar-e Toyiba, Mujahideen and Osama Bin Laden's
    declaration of war against innocent American civilians).

  9. # Blogger English kaffir.

    ny times has a better story. than the libral british gardian  

  10. # Anonymous Captain Bastard

    "...I edited his comment to reflect a more peaceful, tolerant version of leftist commentariat"

    Why? I ain't no leftist. Just cause I think you're a knob doesn't mean that I'm some sort of pinko.

    "Let's roll", though. That is seriously lame. I'll bet you secretly wish that you hadda been Todd Beamer, up there on Flight 93 like you were Bruce Willis. I'll wager you sometimes wake up after dreaming about it, the sheets all sweaty, your little boner already wilting.

    "Let's roll"! You write a poxy little blog!  

  11. # Blogger jonz

    Well if you don't like it, piss off and don't come back.  

  12. # Anonymous Captain Bastard

    "Well if you don't like it, piss off and don't come back"

    And miss out on entertainment like this? Are you kidding me?

    Hells naw, Jonz! I'm here for the ride. Let's roll!  

  13. # Anonymous izzi

    But you're not Captain B'stard...entertaining. its your own jacking off thats getting you excited.

    'you write a poxy little blog' which youre just a little bit obsessed with...posting under all your various little guises.

    Seriously (try now) trolling, especially yours, is dull. Piss off back to the tomb.  

  14. # Anonymous Captain B'stard

    "its your own jacking off thats getting you excited".

    Well, uh yeah. That tends to be the case, yes. You mean to say that you get your kicks from other watching other men masturbate? Hey man, that's your prerogative.  

  15. # Blogger Dangerouslysubversivedad

    Nice bit of homophobia from the PC Leftie there...  

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