Muslims Inciting Beheading & Slaughter on British Streets: No Charges!

Wonderful news for Multi-Cultural Britain

I respect your right to want to Behead me! What tossers are running the country anyway?

What would happen if I stood on a street corner and said "Murder those who believe in Islam"?

More at Nordish Portal

Yet the Iranian guy who commited the crime of displaying satirical cartoons of Mohammed may still face charges - at the Freedom of Speech Rally.

This is a victory for jihad and a victory for Islamic "extremism" on British soil. This is a FUCKING DISGRACE!

2 Responses to “Muslims Inciting Beheading & Slaughter on British Streets: No Charges!”

  1. # Blogger Malcolm

    Well, duh ! No surprises there. the lovely Met Police and the DPP are showing their true face - cowardice in the face of the enemy.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

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