Media Rush to Exonerate Hamas: They recognise Israel!!



5 Responses to “Media Rush to Exonerate Hamas: They recognise Israel!!”

  1. # Anonymous izzi

    yep the BBC nearly wet themselves over all this. Sky were a bit more on the ball...they couldnt be arsed.  

  2. # Blogger Malcolm

    BBC biased ? Must be some mistake there. They even have that nice Rageh Omar giving us his un-biased view of the Middle East !  

  3. # Blogger FGuinness

    Rageh Omar works for Al-Jazeera now.
    I wonder if he will last longer there than Yvonne Ridley?  

  4. # Blogger Malcolm

    So Rageh Omar has gone from one islamic loving organisation to another islamic organisation. I wonder how he likes his new masters ?  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Enjoyed a lot! » »  

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