Man Shot in MI5 & Police Anti-Terrorism Raid

A man has been shot by police during a raid involving 250 officers carried out under the Terrorism Act. He was taken to a nearby hospital after police searched a house in Forest Gate, east London. His injuries are not life-threatening.

The decision to launch the raid followed discussions between MI5, the anti-terrorist branch and the Health Protection Agency.

The Agency plays a critical role in protecting people from infectious diseases and in preventing harm when hazards involving chemicals, poisons or radiation occur.

We also prepare for new and emerging threats, such as a bio-terrorist attack or virulent new strain of disease.

Residents said Forest Gate was a typical east London "mixed" community with a large number of Bengali and Pakistani families, along with a recent influx of Eastern Europeans.

One neighbour said the operation early this morning had involved "the most police I've seen in my life".
Another neighbour said a family lived at the address. "They were respectable and nice people and we do not know anything else. They have always been nice to us," she said.

Always decent, good people. Like this "peaceful" Australian jihadist

"They have lived there for a long time. The kids all go to school locally."

That's because they're all assimilated, bruv.

UPDATE: A 5 Mile air exclusion zone is in force for the next THREE DAYS according to the BBC video feed

UPDATE 2: From Sky news

Dimple Hirani, 21, a student at London Metropolitan University, said she might have gone to school with one of the teenage boys from the family.

I went to that University! I quit early from my degree due to the number of Bin Laden supporters, support for the 9/11 attacks and opposition to the war on the Taliban.

She said: "If it's the house I'm thinking of, I went to school with one of the lads. They were really nice lads and really nice people. I never thought anything of it. Lots of young Muslims these days are getting more religious, especially after 9/11. It's nothing to be suspicious about."

Dark days indeed.

With many thanks to commentor A who sent this in

18 Responses to “Man Shot in MI5 & Police Anti-Terrorism Raid”

  1. # Anonymous Dale

    Howdy. Do the Health Protection Agency usually get involved in this sort of thing? Their website is not very reassuring.  

  2. # Anonymous j0nz

    The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is an independent body that protects the health and well-being of the population. The Agency plays a critical role in protecting people from infectious diseases and in preventing harm when hazards involving chemicals, poisons or radiation occur.

    We also prepare for new and emerging threats, such as a bio-terrorist attack or virulent new strain of disease.


  3. # Anonymous Malcolmcog

    No doubt someone will tell reporters they were 'good muslim boys' (Copyright every single sodding relative or neighbour of a mad bomber).
    Which of course they are, as its the duty of every good muslim to wage jihad against us unbelieving kaffirs.  

  4. # Anonymous j0nz

    Goes without saying Malcolmcog. According to a latest update as Reuters they are a Bangladeshi immigrant family, who are "deeply religious". I'll make a WILD assumption they aren't Hindus.

    Islam is a religion of peace, and contains verses of tolerance to promote understanding.  

  5. # Anonymous Umbongo

    Whatever comes out of this, remember it's our fault (or Bush or Israel). Those poor Muslim kids - what they must be going through!! At least we can be pretty sure that Matrix Chambers is up to speed.

    I'm looking forward to the Mayor of LondON's spin on this one.  

  6. # Anonymous j0nz

    Oh of course umongo it's our fault. If we weren't just so damned racist they wouldn't want to kill us all.. and we haven't submitted to Islam, which of course, along with everything else, is an insult to Islam.  

  7. # Anonymous Renegade Eye

    What did they do? I missed that part.  

  8. # Anonymous Malcog

    Leftie alert - Renegade Eye is an appeaser.  

  9. # Anonymous j0nz

    Renegrade is one of the good guys. He's lefty on loads of issues, however he supports Ayaan Hirsi Ali and he see's Islamofascism for what it is. He doesn't bang on about Bush or Blair or illegal war or anything like that, thank god.

    Renegrade the police have released very little information indeed. It's all speculation in the press, mostly focusing on an a very nervous informant who says they have a chemical vest which is to be deployed sometime soon.

    The worrying thing is, they don't seem to have found this, so it could be floating around somewhere. There's really not much more we can say until the facts emerge. The parents didn't think it was very important, they jetted off to Mauritius hours after the arrests...

    There is speculation that the suspected terrorists had a gun, and possibly, somehow, the brother shot the other brother. But facts are very thin on the ground at the moment.  

  10. # Anonymous Malcog

    Yes, he is a good guy, I have been reading some of the material on his website. Bit of a knee-jerk reaction from me I'm afraid.
    A chemical vest, whatever next ? Terrorist underpants ?
    If the Met have made another balls-up and raided the wrong house, they sooner they admit that, the better. If they have, thats very worrying.  

  11. # Anonymous j0nz

    Terrorist underpants.... Ha... Sounds like a plot for Cartman and Lads.

    Let's hope to god they haven't made another balls up, and that lying bitch of lawyer is a lying bitch of a lawyer.  

  12. # Anonymous Esme Weatherwax

    Terrorist underpants...?
    Is that a pipe bomb in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?  

  13. # Anonymous GayDad

    Last night the Leader of the Muslim coucil of britain, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, said that he felt these shootings could cause tensions and bad feelings within muslim communities, especially the one in forrest gate.

    But what i dont understand is this:

    Why, if this guy is an academic, clearly an inteligent and articulate man who understands (or claims to) the complex issues surrounding the raid and shootings, and understands that the Police HAD to react to the tip off, why wont he, and poeple in his position, get up off there righteous arses and publicly appeal to these communities that he knows so well?

    He could explain the situation to them, ie that it was the police reacting to a tip off and they had to raid the place?

    its almost as if he wants to promote confusion?

    Why wont he do that Jonz, why?  

  14. # Anonymous j0nz

    Because Muhammad Abdul Bari is fucking cunt who defends the indefensible. He was interviewed on Panaroma by John Ware. He defends Sheik Sudais who said that the Jews should be terminated (along with the verse from the Qurab that says they are pigs & monkeys).

    I really wouldn't expect much anti-terrorist sounds coming from these Muslim community leaders. The real problem is of course Islamophobia.  

  15. # Anonymous GayerDad

    well i think that is the most henous (sic) crimes, surely thats plain and simple propaganda?

    Im not for a moment suggesting we have community leaders on the pocketr of the poliec, but, for the love of god (or allah or whot-his-face or any other name you choose to give to the same bloody god you idiotic religious fruits who cant see the wood for the trees)if they understand the situation and do not reassure the people they are supposed to represent then they should be fucking sacked, or at the very least someone should say to them, "have you told the community this?"  

  16. # Anonymous Dan

    who the fuck is this gay cunt with his shite spelling, wheres pan when you need him/her  

  17. # Anonymous Pan

    Careful with the cusswords there, Dan. You know how sensitive Jonz can be.

    I've just been enjoying the spectacle of yet another hysterical knee-jerk overreaction from the Bigot Blogosphere, based purely on the ignorant suspicion that all Muslims are big scary bad men with their huge unruly beards, unlike the friendly and finely sculpted George Michael effort of our host.

    Anyway, rather predictably, this story turned out not to be what it initially seemed to the Defenders of Freedom and Professional Decriers of Islamofascism, although you would be hard pressed to tell from this site.

    One official, with knowledge why police acted and what had been found from days of searching, said the intelligence had been acted on correctly, but added last night: "There is no viable device at that house. There is no device being constructed, or chemicals. There does not appear to be anything there or anywhere else."

    I trust an update to this post is on the way, Jonz?  

  18. # Anonymous j0nz

    Comments are now closed on this thread due the invoking of Pan  

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