Islam Does Not Cause Backwardsness

Click the picture to enlarge. Fucking amazing eh?

Except it does.

A religious ruling condemning the display of statues has angered Egyptian liberals and intellectuals who fear it could encourage religious zealots to attack the country's pharaonic heritage.

Really? It angered liberals and intellectuals? Fuck. You have to be a liberal or an intellectual Egyptian in order to not want the militant Muslim Brotherhood to blow the fuck out of 7,000 year old artifacts and statues.

The ruling was issued by the Mufti, the most senior religious scholar in Egypt.

What a backwards cunt.

2 Responses to “Islam Does Not Cause Backwardsness”

  1. # Anonymous Steve

    The background to this is disturbing, Jonz. That quote in the article you linked to, from the Centre for Strategic Studies:

    "European models of progress which guided Egyptian society in the 19th and 20th Centuries have now been eclipsed by the rise of religion."

    It all spells trouble.  

  2. # Anonymous j0nz

    Good lordy. Like I say, backwards!!  

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