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In less than three weeks' time, the families and friends of 52 people killed on the London transport system will mourn their loved ones on the first anniversary of their deaths. These were, let us remember, innocent people going about their daily business, blown to bits on an Underground train or a bus, many of them on their way to work.

They were killed by four suicide bombers who were brought up in this country, Muslim believers who carried out the atrocity in the name of Islam. Misguided they might have been, but Muslim they assuredly were. So let us not pretend that this outrage did not happen in our capital city, in the way that it did; or imagine that it was not perpetrated by the people who we know carried it out.

Let us not forget, either, that if the terrorists could have killed 200 or 2,000 people, they would have been content to have done so. Their aim was indiscriminate and their intent murderous.

It was an appalling episode in our national life, one which had been predicted yet which, when it happened, was still almost impossible to believe.

It was an act of religious and political terror, carried out from within our midst by people who despised the values of their own country.

It is fatuous to say that they represented only a tiny minority of Muslims. Of course they did. Terrorists usually do. Nobody suggests that they had widespread support among the decent, law-abiding Muslims who want to get on with their lives like the rest of us, though no doubt some imagined that what they did was laudable.

There are people of other faiths, and of none, who can also find a warped rationale for such carnage. For goodness sake, even an MP has said a terrorist attack on the Prime Minister by a suicide bomber could be morally justified, even if he did not exactly advocate one.

The fact remains, this ghastly episode took place on the morning of July 7, just as London was celebrating winning the 2012 Olympic Games. Not even a year has passed, yet you begin to wonder whether the country, or some sections of it, has been stricken with amnesia or has access to privileged information that guarantees it is never going to happen again.

How else can you explain the systematic and insidious attempt to undermine the efforts of the police, MI5 and other counter-terrorist agencies as they seek to thwart another attack? The denunciation from some quarters of the CBE awarded to Andy Hayman, head of Scotland Yard's specialist operations, in the Queen's Birthday Honours, was the latest example of this Fifth Columnism.

Mr Hayman was, presumably, given the honour in recognition of the work put in by the Met's anti-terrorism team over the past two or three years. The police have had some serious successes against an enemy that is difficult to infiltrate and penetrate.

They have also made some dreadful and tragic errors, such as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the raid on a house in Forest Gate, east London, which they had thought contained chemical weapons.

But that is what they were. Mistakes. And understandable ones at that, given the background. Have we also forgotten that on the day Mr de Menezes was killed, the police had good reason to fear that London was the target for a sustained series of suicide attacks?

We will await the outcome of the inquiry into that incident, although it seems pretty obvious that intelligence and policing errors were made. However, they were explicable, if not forgivable.

The same can be said of the Forest Gate raid. It is now routinely claimed that 250 armed police officers stormed their way into the house. This is rubbish. Most of the police involved were carrying out cordon duties.

The usual small unit of anti-terror specialists went into what they imagined was a building containing a dangerous bomb. Would you want to do that job? Or would you have liked to crawl through the mangled Tube carriages wrecked by last July's bombers, in the dust and fetid heat of high summer, looking for clues that might point to the perpetrators?

Mr Hayman might not have done this personally, but his team did. Honours such as his CBE should recognise the work and dedication of all those who are trying, in what are rapidly becoming intolerable circumstances, to protect the country from further horrors.

From The Telegraph

10 Responses to “Back The Police”

  1. # Anonymous Umbongo


    You'll be pleased to know that from 6-9 July there will be a festival celebrating Islamic culture at Alexandra Palace in North London backed by our wonderful Mayor

    Seriously, you would think that - especially on the first anniversary of 7/7 - the Muslim community's leaders would have the sensitivity, let alone the common sense, to keep quiet for a couple of days. I don't recall the Jews in Britain celebrating Jewish culture for a few days on the first anniversary of the blowing up of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Oh god, I'd forgotten all about that. That's utterly despicable. Ken Livingston is a moonbat of the highest order, it was he that authorised it.

    What if, which I am sure the organisers are hoping, the exhibition converts several people? What if one of those becomes "radicalised"? Promoting Islam on the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings is nothing short of insanity.

    I wonder if they will have a Jihad stall, to kindly explain in English that Jihad really means struggle for the inner self? Words cannot express my feelings on this.  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    Here's my article from back then ;)  

  4. # Anonymous jamal

    Ill back the police when they are not taking random pot shots at innocent people based upon the intelligence of a man with a low iq.  

  5. # Anonymous Guvnor

    Good old Jamal! I have noticed you have been rather quiet about the other terror arrest story, maybe due to the fact these guys HAVE been charged with trying to blow the fuck out of people unknown.

    Talk about trying to bury bad news by forgetting about the raids carried out in Bradford and arrest made in Manchester in connection with a planned terror attack on Canada of all places.

    Go on Jamal, write about it, i cant wait to hear what u have to say on the subject.

    Or is it a case that this shooting is a great way of burying bad news?  

  6. # Anonymous jamal

    Guv, no innocents were shot!  

  7. # Anonymous G

    oh thats ok then, when the police get it right and catch a muslim terrorist it aint worth reporting then eh  

  8. # Anonymous Guvnor

    damn auto fill  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

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