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Racist apartheid wall

Charles Johnson says it best:

What! Egypt has built a big scary wall to protect themselves from their brothers, the noble, oppressed Palestinians? Somebody call Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the United Nations, quick!

For the unititiated this is a reference to the left's hysterical nonsensical ranting on Israel's security fence, which is denounced as "a racist apartheid wall"... even though 20% of Israel's population are Arab Muslim.

Media Rush to Exonerate Hamas: They recognise Israel!!



No Muslims were hurt during the making of this picture

Two people have been arrested by anti-terrorism police during a series of early morning raids in Greater Manchester.

The arrests, which took place at 7am, followed searches at several properties in Bolton.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "(The raids) were targeting individuals suspected of possession of information that could be used for a terrorism purpose."

No armed police were involved in the arrests.

The arrests follow the release of plans by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) to help relatives of suspected terrorists deal with the aftermath of an arrest or raid.

Acpo believes the move could help reduce community tensions after high-profile anti-terrorist operations and it may involve a dedicated team of family liaison officers made up of some Muslim officers and community volunteers.

Anti-Semitism up in Manchester by 40%

Anti-Semitic incidents in Manchester, England, increased by 40 percent from 2004 to 2005, the city’s police superintendent said.

In an address to a synagogue in Manchester last week, Leor Giladi said the increase came even as there was a 30 percent drop over the same period in the Greater London area. Giladi reported that two or three incidents were reported weekly — mostly anti-social behaviors such as throwing water balloons or eggs as people walked to synagogue — though some incidents involved physical attacks.

Giladi, also founder of the 30-member Manchester Jewish Police Association, said many incidents go unreported, and urged community members to report all incidents so more resources would be devoted to fighting hate crimes.
That would be that neo-Nazi resurgence in Manchester so well covered by the liberal media, like The Guardian and The Independent, right? Well, we both know that that was the case you would not hear the end of it.

Random unrelated quote:

Bukhari:V4B52N177 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”’”

More unrelated quotes from Mein Kampf The Holy Qu'ran

Public opinion in Britain is mostly favourable towards Muslims, but the feeling is not requited by British Muslims, who are among the most embittered in the western world, according to a global poll published yesterday.

The poll found that 63% of all Britons had a favourable opinion of Muslims, down slightly from 67% in 2004, suggesting last year's London bombings did not trigger a significant rise in prejudice. Attitudes in Britain were more positive than in the US, Germany and Spain (where the popularity of Muslims has plummeted to 29%), and about the same as in France.

Less than a third of British non-Muslims said they viewed Muslims as violent, significantly fewer than non-Muslims in Spain (60%), Germany (52%), the US (45%) and France (41%).

By contrast, the poll found that British Muslims represented a "notable exception" in Europe, with far more negative views of westerners than Islamic minorities elsewhere on the continent. A significant majority viewed western populations as selfish, arrogant, greedy and immoral. Just over half said westerners were violent. While the overwhelming majority of European Muslims said westerners were respectful of women, fewer than half British Muslims agreed. Another startling result found that only 32% of Muslims in Britain had a favourable opinion of Jews, compared with 71% of French Muslims.

The Pew poll found that British Muslims are far more likely than their European counterparts to harbour conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks. Only 17% believed that Arabs were involved, compared with 48% in France.

Ironically from The Guardian, who happens to be one of the mouthpieces of this fifth column, regularly absolving British Muslims of any responsibility whatsoever, placing blame squarely on the West. They have also famously employed Islamic extremists as journalists.

British Muslims have the most negative view of Westerners perhaps in the whole of the Western world.

It's just embarassing that the majority of the British public can be so out of touch with what's actually going on, it really is.

Planning a visit to Islam Expo July 2006?

Then visit the new IslamExpo blog

Extremists protest outside Forest Gate police station

Muslims demand an apology for anti-terrorist operation.

I demand that Islamic extremists get the fuck out of this country.
Why don't they go live in an Islamic utopia, like say Iran if Shia or Saudia Arabia if Sunni?

A protestor on the march said

I cannot see how the police are going to get any intelligence from the Muslim community now after what's occurred

No change there then. Why didn't the police have accurate intelligence in the first place? I can't help but feel they're clasping at straws, with very little to go on.

Increased co-operation and help on intelligence from the Muslim community will prevent mistakes happening.

Back The Police

In less than three weeks' time, the families and friends of 52 people killed on the London transport system will mourn their loved ones on the first anniversary of their deaths. These were, let us remember, innocent people going about their daily business, blown to bits on an Underground train or a bus, many of them on their way to work.

They were killed by four suicide bombers who were brought up in this country, Muslim believers who carried out the atrocity in the name of Islam. Misguided they might have been, but Muslim they assuredly were. So let us not pretend that this outrage did not happen in our capital city, in the way that it did; or imagine that it was not perpetrated by the people who we know carried it out.

Let us not forget, either, that if the terrorists could have killed 200 or 2,000 people, they would have been content to have done so. Their aim was indiscriminate and their intent murderous.

It was an appalling episode in our national life, one which had been predicted yet which, when it happened, was still almost impossible to believe.

It was an act of religious and political terror, carried out from within our midst by people who despised the values of their own country.

It is fatuous to say that they represented only a tiny minority of Muslims. Of course they did. Terrorists usually do. Nobody suggests that they had widespread support among the decent, law-abiding Muslims who want to get on with their lives like the rest of us, though no doubt some imagined that what they did was laudable.

There are people of other faiths, and of none, who can also find a warped rationale for such carnage. For goodness sake, even an MP has said a terrorist attack on the Prime Minister by a suicide bomber could be morally justified, even if he did not exactly advocate one.

The fact remains, this ghastly episode took place on the morning of July 7, just as London was celebrating winning the 2012 Olympic Games. Not even a year has passed, yet you begin to wonder whether the country, or some sections of it, has been stricken with amnesia or has access to privileged information that guarantees it is never going to happen again.

How else can you explain the systematic and insidious attempt to undermine the efforts of the police, MI5 and other counter-terrorist agencies as they seek to thwart another attack? The denunciation from some quarters of the CBE awarded to Andy Hayman, head of Scotland Yard's specialist operations, in the Queen's Birthday Honours, was the latest example of this Fifth Columnism.

Mr Hayman was, presumably, given the honour in recognition of the work put in by the Met's anti-terrorism team over the past two or three years. The police have had some serious successes against an enemy that is difficult to infiltrate and penetrate.

They have also made some dreadful and tragic errors, such as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the raid on a house in Forest Gate, east London, which they had thought contained chemical weapons.

But that is what they were. Mistakes. And understandable ones at that, given the background. Have we also forgotten that on the day Mr de Menezes was killed, the police had good reason to fear that London was the target for a sustained series of suicide attacks?

We will await the outcome of the inquiry into that incident, although it seems pretty obvious that intelligence and policing errors were made. However, they were explicable, if not forgivable.

The same can be said of the Forest Gate raid. It is now routinely claimed that 250 armed police officers stormed their way into the house. This is rubbish. Most of the police involved were carrying out cordon duties.

The usual small unit of anti-terror specialists went into what they imagined was a building containing a dangerous bomb. Would you want to do that job? Or would you have liked to crawl through the mangled Tube carriages wrecked by last July's bombers, in the dust and fetid heat of high summer, looking for clues that might point to the perpetrators?

Mr Hayman might not have done this personally, but his team did. Honours such as his CBE should recognise the work and dedication of all those who are trying, in what are rapidly becoming intolerable circumstances, to protect the country from further horrors.

From The Telegraph

Free Bikes to Muslims Girls Only

Free bikes are being given to Muslim girls only.

I wonder what the response would be if it was only Jewish girls, or only white girls... No wonder your average white council estate tenant is thinking of voting BNP.

Muslims Inciting Beheading & Slaughter on British Streets: No Charges!

Wonderful news for Multi-Cultural Britain

I respect your right to want to Behead me! What tossers are running the country anyway?

What would happen if I stood on a street corner and said "Murder those who believe in Islam"?

More at Nordish Portal

Yet the Iranian guy who commited the crime of displaying satirical cartoons of Mohammed may still face charges - at the Freedom of Speech Rally.

This is a victory for jihad and a victory for Islamic "extremism" on British soil. This is a FUCKING DISGRACE!

Muslims Jailed for Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower

Islamic terrorist traininng (click picture for article)

A PARIS court sentenced 25 Muslim militants yesterday for planning attacks against the Eiffel Tower and other targets with explosives in support of rebels fighting Russian forces in Chechnya.

The five main defendants, of Moroccan and Algerian origin, received prison terms of eight to ten years for planning terrorist acts. The others received lesser terms for criminal association. Two were acquitted in a trial which prosecutors said demonstrated the “globalisation of the jihad movement”.

If only France had opposed the Iraq war none of this would of happened...

Nothing Suspicious Here, Move Along Please

Massive undeclared stash of cash (click picture for article)

The raid brothers failed to tell police or their lawyer that they had £38,000 in cash - in £50 notes stashed in the house.

Nothing suspicious here, move along!

Police were desperate to learn how Kahar, a postal worker, and Tesco shelf-stacker Koyair could have had such a vast sum in their house.
Indeed. Some family info refarding armed robberies and adherence to the law:

The elder brother of Kahar and Koyair was arrested for three armed robberies in 2002 and later jailed for six years. Mohammed Abdullah Hasnath used a black pistol during the East London raids.

He was living at the Forest Gate house at the time of his arrest. The gun was never recovered. Kahar is also believed to have nine convictions for offences committed while he was a juvenile between 1996 and 1999.

So whose fault is it really that innocent Muslim men are being arrested?


by Muriel Gray

Let’s imagine for a moment that a small but potent cell of ginger-haired, freckled people began a terror organisation and started slaughtering their fellow citizens with suicide bomb attacks in the name of some red-haired god. Would the police be right or wrong in such circumstances to regard all ginger-haired, freckled people as potential suspects? The logic would surely be that not all red-haired people were terrorists, but that all terrorists were red-haired, and not to act upon such knowledge would be folly. So what must the police do when the same situation exists in reality, the fact being that not all young Muslim men are terrorists, but all terrorists are young Muslim men?

Should they perform a dawn raid on a few Jehovah’s Witnesses, or place a family of Quakers under surveillance just to show how even-handed they are? What would we think of such policing?

The problems here are many, complex and seemingly insoluble. For a start, as demonstrated by the shocking undercover documentary last year that saw four police officers sacked, the British police force is harbouring more than its fair share of racist and bigoted idiots. The harassment of black and Asian people, not just Muslims, has been going on largely unreported for many years and has resulted in the loss of co-operation with the authorities across a whole variety of communities containing ethnic minorities.

But just as all Muslim men are not terrorists, not all police officers are racists or bigots. We have to believe that the majority of them, in common with the majority of British Muslims, are people who want to preserve peace and security and not to cause conflict and strife. With that in mind, the residents of Forrest Gate seem to be forgetting the fact that suicide bombers kill indiscriminately, blasting the legs off bus and train-riding Muslims as happily as they tear apart infidels. There is no “us and them” when it comes to terrorism. The police, one would like to think, care just as much about the safety of the Muslims in Forrest Gate as they do of the residents of Hampstead or Chelsea.

The difficulty is that it is the police’s job to discriminate, to act on hunches and preconceptions, and sometimes to judge quickly on appearances or tip-offs to try and bring their suspect before court. They are paid to be suspicious. Then it becomes the judiciary’s job to be blind to anything except hard evidence. One cannot police effectively with political correctness. If young religious fanatics are the ones who blow us up, then young religious fanatics who have no intention of blowing anyone up will nevertheless continue to be of more interest to the police than young farmers from Fife.

So why do Muslims not take to the streets in furious demonstrations, not against the British police but against the psychotic killers that have made innocent Muslims the subject of police suspicion and non-Muslims afraid of their fellow citizens? Let’s hope that the answer is that it’s asking far too much for everyone to be as forgiving as lovely Dermot, and that the years of being made to feel like second-class citizens in the country of their birth has quite understandably taken its toll.

That’s the good answer, because their ire would be justifiable and it would present society with a horrible wrong that can be righted with time. The bad answer would be that they don’t demonstrate because the core aim of the terrorists, that of bringing about an Islamic Britain, is one shared by a majority of Muslims, even moderates who might despise the suicide bombing route but nevertheless wish it to happen peacefully and without bloodshed. If this were true, and let’s hope it’s not, for the implications are uncomfortable, it might explain the deafening silence from the Muslim community concerning terrorism committed in their name. After all, there are countless Jewish groups who protest constantly, noisily and vigorously against the policies of Israel, which they not only despise on the behalf of Palestinians, but they also feel stoke up anti-Semitism and hatred. Where is the Islamic equivalent?

Full article at The Sunday Herald by Muriel Gray


If you have seen the two brothers arrested in Forest gate, you will have seen identical looking men, with grade one shaved heads, and full-on Koranic unruly beards. I thought to my deeply predujudiced self, they might not be terrorists, but they are certainly fundamental Muslims.

In a comment piece today in The Times, something else is revealed, quote

Given the publicity surrounding the raid, there is certainly interest in what the brothers had to say. Whatever their feelings, though, they would be well advised to tread carefully. To his credit, Mr Kahar said that he had nothing against police officers. And he stopped well short of the asinine calls for Muslims to stop co-operating with the police, made by some purporting to speak for the local community. But the brothers revealed a fondness for “jihad”, which was defined as providing support. It is to be hoped that they “support” a tolerant and multi-cultural Britain [you mean "tolerate" British culture?]
Britain under siege? Why did they become "deeply religious" after 9/11? Wtf is going on? And what are we to do with the soft jihad? It's certainly wrong to use violence against those who do not seek use violence themselves.

Sunny has a "very bad taste" in his mouth

What could it be I wonder? Terrorist spunk? Cynaide? Who knows. Answers in the comments by all means.

Regarding the terror raid.. "The case stank from the very beginning as the media reports came in". You would be forgiven for rolling your eyes at this point...

Some choice comments:

J0nz - you’re soooo paranoid and the exact sort of person that The Politics Of Fear, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_of_nightmares] needs to exist and succeed.
don’t believe everything you see in the newspapers or that comes from the police or government. they lie you see - John Charles De Menezes, ran and jumped the tube barrier did he? er, no he walked and used his oyster card. what a great coup for our intelligence agencies.
and of course our great government wouldn’t lie to us now would it? do the letters W M D mean anything to you?


I later commented

Which prompts the question of why law-enforcement officials are making so many errors.

I’ll tell you why. Because we all know that intelligence being forwarded from Muslim communities is next to nothing. There is a very real reluctance to shop a “brother”. After 7/7 they had to try very fucking hard, because people were not forthcoming. There is a large swell of tacit support for Islamists in the Muslim commnity, or at least a fatalistic apathy.

Oh and piss off ContraryMary. My colleague was blown to bits on the fucking bus. I would have take the route to Russel Sq on 7th July if I hadn’t sprained my wrist the day before. So don’t call me paranoid. You sound like Simon Jenkins who summised on the morning of 7th July that the Islamic terror threat was imagined. Your rheotoric is offensive and pea-brained.

Head Hacking Al-Qaeda Scum Leader Terminated

Zarqawi is thought to be personnally involved in the beheading of Kenneth Bigley
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the infamous leader of al-Qa'eda in Iraq, has been "terminated" in an American air strike, the Iraqi prime minister has announced.
It was reported that Zarqawi was killed in the city of Baquba at 7.00 pm local time, in a joint operation involving Jordanian intelligence, US intelligence and American special operations forces.
"Today Zarqawi has been terminated," Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told a televised news conference also attended by General George Casey, the highest-ranking American commander in Iraq, and other senior officials.

"Every time a Zarqawi appears we will kill him," Mr Maliki added. "We will continue confronting whoever follows his path. It is an open war between us."

Scary terrorist. Who happens to be a a Muslim man. With a an unruly beard.

Yvonne Ridley Urges Muslims to Stop Co-operating with Police

An activist from the Respect Party has urged Muslims in east London to stop co-operating with police.

Yvonne Ridley, who became a Muslim after her kidnap by the Taleban in Afghanistan five years ago, has accused the police of being heavy-handed.

She told a meeting of the Newham branch of the Respect Party that Muslims should "boycott" the Met Police.

She said: "From today until this terrorisation of the Muslim community is stopped immediately, I believe all Muslims should withdraw their support," she said.

"This goes from asking the community copper for directions to passing the time of day with a beat officer.

"We should enforce non-co-operation."

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Ms Ridley defended her comments.

"I called for zero tolerance with the Metropolitan Police, the force which has demonstrated time and time again its Islamophobic attitudes," she told BBC News.
She has previously stated that "there is something rather repugnant about those who rush to renounce acts of terrorism"

Unbefuckingbelievable. BBC News

Thanks to Alison who sent this in

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"On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you"

How to be a devout Muslim:

1. Kill a lot of people
2. Tell them it's in the name of Islam

If you have been following the news today you may be aware upto 50 of people were captured by "gunmen" in Iraq on Sunday. The BBC are keen to point out that

The gunmen arrived in up to 13 cars, and were wearing Iraqi special security forces uniforms, police sources said.

But the bastion of investigative journalism hasn't reported any actual eye witness accounts. Oh no. That was left to the world famous Northwest Herald. They both however quote the Associated Press as their source. So why the fuck did the BBC choose not to mention witness reports of these terrorists?

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Masked gunmen stopped two minivans carrying students north of Baghdad Sunday, ordered the passengers off, separated Shiites from Sunni Arabs, and killed the 21 Shiites "in the name of Islam," a witness said.

"They asked us to show our IDs, and then instructed us to stand in a line, separating the Sunni from the Shiite due to the IDs and also due to the faces," said Ismail, a Shiite Kurd.

He said the gunmen ordered the Shiites to lie down and before they opened fire one shouted, "On behalf of Islam, today we will dig a mass grave for you. You are traitors."

I'm sure those little Shia children that were executed were treacherous spies for the US infidel forces.

In other news

—Gunmen in a car opened fire on a minibus carrying telecommunications workers to an area near the Shiite slum of Sadr City, killing four and wounding two.

Why would they do this? A protest about phone bills perhaps?

—Police found 16 bullet-riddled bodies in Baghdad and four in the city of Tikrit, north of the capital.

In what ideal was this done? Well I hope they shouted Allah Akbar otherwise those executions would have been in vain.

Man Shot in MI5 & Police Anti-Terrorism Raid

A man has been shot by police during a raid involving 250 officers carried out under the Terrorism Act. He was taken to a nearby hospital after police searched a house in Forest Gate, east London. His injuries are not life-threatening.

The decision to launch the raid followed discussions between MI5, the anti-terrorist branch and the Health Protection Agency.

The Agency plays a critical role in protecting people from infectious diseases and in preventing harm when hazards involving chemicals, poisons or radiation occur.

We also prepare for new and emerging threats, such as a bio-terrorist attack or virulent new strain of disease.

Residents said Forest Gate was a typical east London "mixed" community with a large number of Bengali and Pakistani families, along with a recent influx of Eastern Europeans.

One neighbour said the operation early this morning had involved "the most police I've seen in my life".
Another neighbour said a family lived at the address. "They were respectable and nice people and we do not know anything else. They have always been nice to us," she said.

Always decent, good people. Like this "peaceful" Australian jihadist

"They have lived there for a long time. The kids all go to school locally."

That's because they're all assimilated, bruv.

UPDATE: A 5 Mile air exclusion zone is in force for the next THREE DAYS according to the BBC video feed

UPDATE 2: From Sky news

Dimple Hirani, 21, a student at London Metropolitan University, said she might have gone to school with one of the teenage boys from the family.

I went to that University! I quit early from my degree due to the number of Bin Laden supporters, support for the 9/11 attacks and opposition to the war on the Taliban.

She said: "If it's the house I'm thinking of, I went to school with one of the lads. They were really nice lads and really nice people. I never thought anything of it. Lots of young Muslims these days are getting more religious, especially after 9/11. It's nothing to be suspicious about."

Dark days indeed.

With many thanks to commentor A who sent this in

Islam Does Not Cause Backwardsness

Click the picture to enlarge. Fucking amazing eh?

Except it does.

A religious ruling condemning the display of statues has angered Egyptian liberals and intellectuals who fear it could encourage religious zealots to attack the country's pharaonic heritage.

Really? It angered liberals and intellectuals? Fuck. You have to be a liberal or an intellectual Egyptian in order to not want the militant Muslim Brotherhood to blow the fuck out of 7,000 year old artifacts and statues.

The ruling was issued by the Mufti, the most senior religious scholar in Egypt.

What a backwards cunt.

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