Tens of Thousands of Turks Protest For Secularism

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If you don't know much about the history of the state of Turkey, I suggest you read the semi-fictional account of Colonel Mustafa Ataturk, called Birds Without Wings by Louis de Berniere.

Mustafa Ataturk was a true visionary, a Muslim man of mordern ways, that created the secular and democratic nation of Turkey.

Tens of thousands of Turks have turned funeral ceremonies for a judge shot by a suspected Islamist gunman, into a mass show of support for secularism.

They waved Turkish flags and chanted for the country to remain secular on marches through the capital Ankara.

A man calling himself "a soldier of Allah" shot dead Judge Mustafa Yucel Ozbilgin and wounded four others at a top administrative court on Wednesday.

He was immediately arrested. At least three others have since been detained.

The attack is believed to have been linked to the court's record of strictly upholding the ban on Muslim headscarves in universities and government offices.

Be proud of progress my friends, and today I'm a very proud of those Turks who have stood up to be counted for good, decent values in which we can all be very proud in.

2 Responses to “Tens of Thousands of Turks Protest For Secularism”

  1. # Anonymous Steve

    Ataturk was a true visionary. It's good to see that so many Turks still value his achievements.

    I'll check out the book Jonz, thanks.  

  2. # Anonymous j0nz

    Yeah it's a great read Steve, gave me real insight in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey. His spirit lives on it seems!  

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