South Park and Those Cartoons

I know many of you are angry at Comedy Central's latest censorship of Mohammed in South Park. But can I remind everybody that Comedy Central have already aired Mohammed in full blown glory as a fire-breathing prophet in an episode of South Park called Super Best Friends. And it is fucking hilarious I might add.

Now come on, who seriously expected Mohammed to be shown by Comedy Central after those nutjobs went nuts all around the world!? I completely understand the anger towards Comedy Central for not being the tower of strength we had all hoped.

But at least a consolation, a letter is reproduced here that was sent out on behalf of Comedy Central with an honest acknowledgement that the reason for the censorship was fear of violence. At least they're honest.

It makes a change from the utterly spineless epithet from CNN: We have chosen not to show the cartoons of Mohammed out of respect from Islam.
[Like fuck you did you spineless fucks!]

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  1. # Anonymous Gavin Ayling

    Nice redesign... Presumably you know about the gremlins!  

  2. # Anonymous j0nz

    I know. Fucking blogspot is useless! And if I catch one of those gremlins, woe betide it!  

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