Palestinian Organisation Peacefully Kills Many In Israel

Current body count 16:25 London time is NINE (no I'm not going to include the suicide bomber)

Another form of extreme demonstration as Professor Greaves calls it. Vive la resistance! Suicide bomber slaughters innocent civilans, injures many others.

Of course for many Islamists (and many on the despicable-left) feel that there is no such thing as an innocent Israeli... Fucking scum. All human civilan casualties should be avoided. End of. Same as Iraq. There is NO justifcation for the targetting of civilians. It's just inhuman.

I know Islamists/lefties will come back with Israel is causing an on going "genocide" against the Palestinian people. Which is just delusional. Though I back Israel ideologically and emotionally; they have got to stop giving the terrorists 'justification' for their actions. Give them their "state" alongside Israel. Pull out of more areas. Secure the borders.

5 Responses to “Palestinian Organisation Peacefully Kills Many In Israel”

  1. # Anonymous leanne

    why do these things always seem to happen at restaurants, places of worship and celebrations?
    they are cowardly and pointless attacks.
    not only do they aim to take lives, it's like they want to stop people from having one at all.  

  2. # Anonymous Dayvid

    Jonz, state was offered by Barak and rejected by Aratwat. Gaza is "Jew Free" and my family in Ashkelon are sick of hearing Qassams blowing up in and around their town.

    Whilst seperation obvioulsy has its benefits, it won't solve the greater problem for the Palestinians - namely the very existance of my country.

    Now where did I put my uzi!!!  

  3. # Anonymous j0nz

    Dayvid, if you're actually in living in the conflict, i can see that such actions are going to change very little with regards to terror against Israel.

    However I know this, you know this. Most of the world don't know this. Many falsely believe that giving the Palestinians their own state will stop the terror attacks. Apart from the terror attacks stopping (of course), wouldn't you like nothing more than to pull out the rug from underneath the leftists who support this "resistance against the occupation"?

    I fucking would! I know I live a long way away in London, but I wish all those pro-Palestinian terror idiots would have no ground to stand on whatosever. And to prove how niave they are really are.  

  4. # Anonymous Gavin Ayling

    How surprising that Hamas have not condemned it but have in fact partially defended it... How bloomin' unsurprising...  

  5. # Anonymous Dayvid

    Jonz, its not about left and right. Its not about whether the Palestinians will have their own state or not (they will, eventually), its about the manner in which we can respond when attacked.

    As occupiers our hands are tied. If the Palestinians had accepted statehood in 2000 and then attacked us, do you really think that we would allow it?

    I'm a leftist. Always have been. Not your SWP type of lefty, more New Labour with a tad more red. But more fundamentally (sorry for the word!) I'm a realist.

    The reality here is that at this moment we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. That's why I support a two state solution. My mantra (stolen and addapted from your New Labour) is Seperation, Serperation, Seperation.

    Then I would love to see them dare attack us! A nation state can defend herself and lot more easily than an occupier.  

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