Knife Wielding Psychopaths are Not Very Nice To Be Stuck On A Train With

Ok feeling a bit sick at the moment. I have a stinking hangover. And I've just been stuck on a train with a knife wielding maniac.

Ok so I'm reading my Evening Standard, catching up on some politics, reading Andrew Gilligan's take on the rise of the far right. Bits of this appear to be punctuated with swear words. No, not Gilligan. Sounds like somebody has Tourettes syndrome. Try to ignore it. (We Londoners are very adept at this).

The guy in front of me, big guy over 6 foot, well built, seems to be swearing. But he's also spitting on the ground. And he's looking tensed up and aggressive. This ain't tourettes. This is a nutjob. Nothing so out of the ordinary really, this is South London after all.

He's facing away from me, thank god. He seems to be goading people for a fight, "You heard me! You cunt! Come on then!". Which to be honest, actually pissed me off a bit. I thought I better move, otherwise I run the risk of getting angry of saying something back.

So I start to pack up my things for a bit of a getaway. Then my heart jumped out of my chest. I saw a flash of large blade being concealed from the front of his hand. Oh fuck. He looks like he's going to use it. That's the scariest part of it. And he's like no more than 1.5 fucking metres, between us, and there's no obstacles, just free space. He's standing up, I'm sitting down.

I attempted to alert the person sitting next to me, but they just tried to ignore me, they was reading their paper. I thought I have to leave, NOW! However, I thought I NEED to tell other people. A girl looked at me, must have seen the look on my face, said what is it. I quickly leant forward, and whispered so that nutjob wouldn't hear, "He's a got knife".

News like that travels pretty fast, I must say. I legged it into the carriage. I looked back and there were 10 people right behind me! The general consensus that we ought to pull the alarm. So it's nearly stopped at the station, so I went for it....

Then the driver says "Right, the trains not quite at the platform and somebody has pulled the emergency alarm, so for the next 2 minutes the doors will be locked". What?! I pulled the fucking alarm since there's a nutter with a knife, and we're at the station, locked in. Great.

Ok so so the guy who was sitting opposite me, is on the phone to the police, giving real time description, and someone said he's now blocking people, not letting them get away. Oh shit.

Then he turns, looks straight at me and starts coming towards me, fast. I thought if he has it in for me (he might have figured I alerted everybody) then this could be it. I didn't particularly fancy getting stabbed. Not with a hangover like this.

So again a went further down, he's getting closer, I said "Ok that man has a knife, pull the emergency lever get the doors open!". So we ran out. I ran up to the stairs, I saw him coming out. I wanted to alert people but I thought I don't have time. So I watched from the stairs, he got away.

So here I am, I've just spoken to the police. And thank god, they've got hold of him already :)

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  1. # Anonymous J

    don't you just hate that 'i know he's looking at me and he's a fucking wacko so i better ignore him, but can't resist' feeling. :)

    it's almost as bad as the 'i'm the only person on the platform and here come 5 chavs looking to start some shit' feeling.

    btw, like the new layout.  

  2. # Anonymous Esme Weatherwax

    Knives are a bit too hairy. I'm glad the police picked him up quickly.

    At least the wild eyed gentleman with the East European accent on the District Line this evening was armed with nothing more lethal than a bag of wine that he was pouring into a flask to drink from and some silk cut. We all moved down the carriage because of the smell.

    I have no faith in drivers and commmunication cords since the night two boys climbed out of the window (District Line again) and on to the roof of the carriage. Then dangled their feet over the edge. They ran off when we stopped and I got a mouthful from the driver for delaying the train. Not that he disbelieved my reasons, but he said had they been killed it would have discouraged their mates from repeating the caper.  

  3. # Anonymous anon

    check out the above link.  

  4. # Anonymous anon

    sorry. check out this link  

  5. # Anonymous j0nz

    Thanks for the comments guys n gals!

    I've got to make a statement later on today..  

  6. # Anonymous Kevin Nevis

    I hope you're alright, j0nz. Fucking Islamist bastards.  

  7. # Anonymous j0nz

    Haha! Yes I'm well thanks people. Kevin I agree with your comment "fucking islamist bastards". Although this particular post has nothing to do with the bastards at all!

    I tried to give this an Islamist angle honest! Well he did have a sort of beard!  

  8. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    J0nz - really sorry to hear what happened. Hope you're OK.

    Take care


  9. # Anonymous leanne


  10. # Anonymous Kevin Nevis

    Lordy! It isn't your week is it? Your being atacked from all sides!  

  11. # Anonymous j0nz

    Thanks Kevin... Well thats Freedom of Speech for you! That wouldn't happen to be your alias would it, Snotty McShot?  

  12. # Anonymous alison

    Hi Jonz

    That all sounded incredibly scary. Did he get on at E&C!? Have a whisky and watch Life of Brian to take the edge off. Thats not very reassuring to know that they lock the train doors with no comms to the driver. hmmmm.

    Glad youre okay.


  13. # Anonymous DFH

    "I tried to give this an Islamist angle honest! Well he did have a sort of beard!"


  14. # Anonymous Guvnor

    Well handled, could have been a lot worse had people not been alerted to the fact he had a knife. The thing with the sort of situation, fortunately you will never know if you actually saved anyones life. Had someone not realised about the knife and had a go at him, who knows what could have been the result. There are certain nut jobs out there and by hearing the story, I could bank on him using that knife.

    Its quite interesting to read, I have recently being doing the rounds on the good old air disaster websites, morbid curiosity one level, on another it actually helps with my fear of flying (or should i say fear of being in a plane crash). The reason I have mentioned this is because you never quite realise how your actions have a knock on effect. You could have quite easily have froze, said and done nothing. This could lead to either you or some unsuspecting sod who accidently winds him up getting stabbed. Having looked into survival in situations of disaster (which it could have ended up being had it not been for the action taken if someone had been killed) There are numorous examples of people freezing in these situations. Strangely enough on September 11th, many people went to the trouble of shutting down their pc, before evacuating. Many then looked for random stuff (not stealing, just dazed) to pick up and take with them.

    Plane crashes are similar, an example being the Tenerif 747 disaster when two collided on a runway. Ok the one that was taken off, everyone was fucked on impact. But the bottom one, there was some survivors. As is the case with many of these things though, most people died because they waited for instructions. The ones who got up and got the fuck out, survived, some watched in amazment that people just stayed strapped in and didnt move before burning to death.

    Your choice to actually DO SOMETHING, may have had an impact you may not even have considered. Maybe your actions lead to the man actually not doing what he may have planned to due to the surprise, it may have bought some time (you will never really know). But the good news is, in something major, heaven forbid, like a plane crash, it sounds like you have everything on your side to survive. You would be shocked at the stats of how many people die in major things simply because they fail to react quick enough.

    I take my hat off to you for what you did, it takes a bit of courage to do something, and as I say, you will never know, but there could be somebody on the tube who will never know what they owe to you.  

  15. # Anonymous j0nz

    Thanks Guvnor!

    I think you are absolutely right, when in emergency situations those who sit and wait for instructions rather than getting the fuck out are the one's that die. It's amazing that people were shutting down their pc's in the towers.

    It could have gone differently, but like you say we'll never know. I often day dream about crisis situations and how I'd react when on trains, so these mental exercise probably help! I often think of bombs going off, crashes, loonies etc.  

  16. # Anonymous Gavin Ayling

    I prefer private transport for a reason!

    I'm glad you're okay.  

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