Flight 93 Families Watch Their Relatives Plunge to an Islamic Doom

Flight 93 is out, the film, not the documentary. J0nz has got is hands on a copy -- it is required viewing, harrowing and heart-felt, truthful and egregious. From the Times also;

On Tuesday night anguished families wailed as they watched the last moments of their loved ones’ lives unfold on screen at the world premiere of United 93, by the British writer-director Paul Greengrass, the first Hollywood film about the September 11, 2001, hijackings.

...“It’s horrific to see my brother, Edward, on the screen, knowing what is going to happen,” Gordon Felt said. “It’s shattering, but it needs to be. This is a violent story.” Read more from The Times; James Bone in New York.All evidence suggests that the terrorists’ relatives were left entirely out of the creative process, an action which goes a way toward revealing the film’s hagiographic bias (how easy it then becomes to turn victims into heroes and adversaries into monsters) and points up the general ridiculousness of involving the families in the first place (too many cooks spoiling an already rancid broth).

Via the red hot LGF

Yeh, these 'adveraries' terrorised a plane full of people and ended their lives prematurely. Fuckwit.

7 Responses to “Flight 93 Families Watch Their Relatives Plunge to an Islamic Doom”

  1. # Anonymous J

    ;) cheers for the heads up on the release  

  2. # Anonymous j0nz

    I saw it on Sunday ..! DVD version as well!  

  3. # Anonymous Lopakhin

    J0nz - OT but just a suggestion. I couldn't help noticing you're registered at LGF, which I'm not. Harry's Place are having a little bit of bother just now with bandwidth. Maybe you could put up a post in the LGF thread redirecting them to the Guardian's post by David T? So that we don't let the side down this side of the Atlantic and all that. Here's the URL anyway: http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/david_tate/2006/04/im_no_racist_but.html  

  4. # Anonymous Lopakhin

    update - looks like they've got it going, no longer needed.  

  5. # Anonymous j0nz

    Well it was a good idea anyway Lopakhin. I think I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms ...  

  6. # Anonymous dag

    I read reviews but that's as close as I'll likely get to the film itself. Stogie at Saber Point is writing some great things about it. I just want to kill people. It doens't get better. I don't calm down. I get more and more frantic all the time. Just reading reviews and thereby reliving the day makes me totally mental.

    To do Islam the damage it deserves and that all people of good conscience demand requires that we act with focussed energies and clear heads.

    Thanks for putting up the dhimmi review. When the time comes I'll remember it and act accordingly.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

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