Democracy For Nepal!

Looks like the absolute Monarchy in Nepal will eventually cave into the will of the people - Democracy & Freedom of Speech. See BBC article

Sunny at Pickled Politics has a post, and he says of Lenin, calling for the Maoist rebels to take Nepal;

I thought the call was incredibly uninformed and totally dismissed the 10s of 1000s of people the Maoists have killed and terrorised over the years.

Lenin of Twatology is diametrically opposed to freedom of democracy. He wants a Communist state through whatever means.

4 Responses to “Democracy For Nepal!”

  1. # Anonymous leanne

    thanks for this story.
    I've always had a link to a blog in nepal that asks for help.
    They stopped making posts in september.
    I always wonder what happened to them.
    hope they get their freedom!  

  2. # Anonymous Paramendra Bhagat
  3. # Anonymous Wolfie
  4. # Anonymous j0nz

    Ah excellent. Thanks for the links. Are you in Nepal now? What's happening, whats it like on the streets?  

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