Yesterday's Freedom of Speech Rally

How could I possibly misspell Carlsberg?! Alison kindly rewrote the sign a little later on

Love the signs. I got hold of the flag after being told no national flags were allowed to be waved in the square. Naturally, I said bollocks to that, and waved like a maniac on whisky.

We got followed by these people

Well I must say, it was a fantastic day, met a bunch of just really damn good people! I will link to their websites when I'm not quite so hungover.

We got followed into the pub however by a bunch of Muslim kids, and tried to rip up the courageous fellow blogger's excellent Toonopobia sign. I came outside the pub, and shouted out "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!" as they was walking away. They went nuts, came back, and I thought oh fuck, it's really gonna kick off now! They were so angry, as was I. I was ready to deck them to be honest! One of them said "fuck you, your mum and your family", I just replied, "freedom of speech, mate". The police were called, but by that time the mob had scarpered.

Here's police. Photographing the good people braving the weather for that little thing known as freedom of speech.

Check out these links. Oh and I made a some Infidels proud!

That Shot
Muscular Liberal

I also met Alan Rickman in the pub! Had a 5 minute conversation with the guy about a play he's directing about Rachel Corrie. I was a little worse for wear, but I told me a porky that Rachel Corrie never burned the American flag... which is bollocks because here's a picture of her burning... a homemade US flag.

17 Responses to “Yesterday's Freedom of Speech Rally”

  1. # Anonymous alison

    Yeah i was scared. Feel stoopid now. In the cold light of day they are a sort of south London version of Southpark.

    All the photos i had of you and your excellent signs are on my phone but are 2 small so Im pinching your photo above.

    Did you read the comments over on the 'free' expression blog about 'toonophobia' & Newcastle. Priceless.  

  2. # Anonymous alison

    Also - i think you should add in that whilst i was scared i was still the one who dove into their little crowd and had to literally yank my sign back off one of the... Whilst you all stood around open mouthed of course ;)

    Alan coming into the pub was a class moment. Hes a member of the hollywood elite and luvvie crowd so would always have been the consumate lefty. I mean his mate rocking up with the palestinian scarf said it all. But kudos to you for going up to him and tackling him verbally. He left shortly after that!

    REally good day.  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    But kudos to you for going up to him and tackling him verbally. He left shortly after that!

    HMMM! I'm not sure what to think about that comment!

    Thanks for your input. I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of you!! :)  

  4. # Anonymous alison

    Eugh hangovers - everythings gone weird. I meant it. It takes some panache to tackle a hollywood lefty and catch him out.  

  5. # Anonymous gavin ayling

    I soo cannot believe I forgot this... There'll be a repeat I'm sure?  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    Well, I really hope there is a repeat Gav.  

  7. # Anonymous Neil


    Sorry we missed you in the pub, Alan Rickman never came into the dodgy Wetherspoons on Whitehall, which pub were you in??

    Neil (Little Atoms)  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Hi Neil,

    We went to The Sherlock Holmes in the end... Could you tell me when are you planning to broadcast on the rally?  

  9. # Anonymous Steve

    Have you seen this?  

  10. # Anonymous Granny Weatherwax

    Hi Jon
    Loved the Carlsberg placard!
    Here's to the next developement.  

  11. # Blogger DFH

    "How could I possibly misspell Carlsberg?!" Now that's funny.

    Steve's news isn't, though.  

  12. # Blogger Serf

    I wish I could have joined you all.  

  13. # Blogger jonz

    I'm really glad to be around link minded people. Eu-serf I'm sure you where there in spirit!  

  14. # Anonymous alison

    Thanks btw - in amongst the hangover i forgot to say that (re coming out to get that equally misspelled sign back and standing up to it all). Glad to have met ya. You are true wingman of mayhem :)  

  15. # Anonymous Neil


    The show is on wednesday evening at 7pm, and will then be available to download from the website the day after.

    We are editing it together later tonight, so I hope we got enough stuff, esp. as I failed to get comments from you lot in the end.


  16. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Neil, good luck with it mate. I shall be listening and urge others to aswell  

  17. # Blogger Marcus Aurelius

    Oh Gawd!

    The "He's not the messiah...." went over my head at first. Then I recalled where that comes from. It was cool, it got me to laughing.


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