What BBC Bias?

The BBC News website is covering the million workers pension strike. They have, however, managed to use the only Anti-War Pensions Protest picture (and put it on the front of their website) out of the ENTIRE Google News section.

3 Responses to “What BBC Bias?”

  1. # Blogger hamesha:

    I have stopped expecting things from google... for quite some time now they have taken to censuring searches in China, and as of today they caved in to pressure and joined the lobbying herd in DC... I guess you can't maintain a maverick spirit for too long and on yourself...  

  2. # Anonymous jamal

    Are you supporting the pensions strike though? Id support pensions over war any day, which would in fact be cheaper also.  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    Well I don't know. I mean pensions are an important issue, however I understand that those in the public sector get a much better deals by default anyway.  

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