Waaah! Gutted! Fundamentalist Girl Loses Fight over Islamic Dress

Attention seeking little fundie-ho Shabina Begum loses her battle to wear the Jiljab, which is a stricter version of her schools Islamic dress code. The school's Islamic dress code that was verified with the Muslim community & local clerics.

Worringly the Telegraph ends on this ominous note;
Miss Begum said she was "saddened and disappointed" by the decision, and would discuss with her lawyers - including Cherie Booth QC - whether to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.
That's the Prime Ministers left-wing wife folks. Imagine Tony Blairs wife arguing the case for extremist Islamic dress codes in a dhimmi-whipped European Court of Human Rights? The mind boggles.

Update: Check out Al-Reuters headline
Schoolgirl loses right to wear Muslim garb

4 Responses to “Waaah! Gutted! Fundamentalist Girl Loses Fight over Islamic Dress”

  1. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    Good post.

    It seems the school did all it could to acommodate.  

  2. # Anonymous Guvnor

    yeah that is what pisses me off, the schoold did do all i could to accomodate, but still there is always one whinging muslims who wants to feel hard done by and try change the rules of where she chooses to go.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    And who owns Reuters?  

  4. # Anonymous Richard Townsend (caliibre)

    Those that insist on enforcing women’s dress codes which, in the most conservative examples, force women to go about in what could be viewed as ‘sacks’ with eye holes cut in them are not, in my view, protecting the honour of women. Rather they are dishonouring themselves by demonstrating that they don’t have the strength of character, sincerity of spirit or personal will to control their own basest instincts. The emotional (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) quotients of intelligence seem to be lacking in many. IQ is a ‘fluke’ and is not enough, the other two quotients are essential in large amounts to overcome personal stupidity or is it that they suffer from plain old ‘dumbness’ borne of a cultural indoctrination that looks to the past and pleads for the return of the ‘dark ages’!  

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