The Terror in Guantanamo

I think we should all unite in our utter condemnation of the US's blatant abuse of human rights, and wilful torture such as;
  • subject to [unspecified] "mental stress and pressure"
  • "willfully misdirected ... to pray north"
  • deprived of "comfort items"
  • subjected to an [apparently failed] "attempt to withdraw Qur'an"
  • able to hear two guards having sex, while they "assumed he was asleep"
  • distracted from his prayer by the "sharp intake of breath" of a female MP who'd been "sexually fondled".
  • offered a plate of pork
  • the object of a conspiracy "to keep detainee ignorant of detainee's allotted Tuesday recreation"
  • subjected to a "partially successful" attempt to administer injections "under the guise of immunisation", designed to "unhinge detainee's mental and emotional stability"
and even
had his peanut butter eaten by a guard "right in front of him".
Scott Burgess doing a great services to normal rational thinking people all over the world. Lefty bimbos still bang on a about the torture in Guantanamo. The Archbishop of Canterbury went to SUDAN and lectured about the abuses in Guanatanamo. Yes that would be the same Sudan as in the Darfur arab miltia genocide of blacks, with 70,000 plus slaughtered....

Scott also points out in an article entitled Camp Delta Briton claims racial abuse, which basically says the utter terror of being called a camel-jockey, the Brits older brother says
Everything's OK in Guantanamo. It's just that sometimes some of the guards are OK with us, and some are saying things to us, calling us names like camel-rider and raghead."
For fucksake how can lefties, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Amnesty International carry on with such deluded and twisted moral perceptions? What are they, just fucking stupid?

3 Responses to “The Terror in Guantanamo”

  1. # Blogger John Sobieski

    When will the insanity end? Personally, Guantanomo just doesn't sound bad at all - 3 great meals a day, beautiful weather, free healthcare - the best in the world, access to a library of books, recreation areas. This is not a prison, it's a sanctuary.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    They've been so well fed that they've put on 11 pounds in average according to one report.  

  3. # Blogger scotsguynaturist

    currycunts and snakecharmers!  

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