South Park gets revenge on Chef

Fucking hilarious!!!
South Park has exacted revenge on its former star Isaac Hayes by turning his character Chef into a paedophile and seemingly killing him off.

The opening episode of the 10th series, screened in the US on Wednesday, appeared to be a satire on Scientology.

Hayes, a Scientologist, quit the animated comedy after a different episode ridiculed the religion.

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5 Responses to “South Park gets revenge on Chef”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's one less nigrah on tv, that's all that matters to us!


  2. # Blogger jonz

    Who's us? Are you being ironic, or moronic?  

  3. # Blogger J

    my guess is anon is an idiot lefty trying to entrap you. he/she doesn't seem to smart, also doesn't seem to have noticed that no one from the bush family is running for parliament in the uk.

    i would love to see the episode. it serves hayes right for being such a hypocrite. and how can any sane person believe in a phony religion created by a crappy sci-fi writer. fackin morons.

    i mean to think that he got more pissed off about the scientology jokes than the piss takes on black people is beyond me.  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    no more chocolate salty balls .
    I'm sure they will replace him with someone who indirectly makes fun of him for quiting.  

  5. # Blogger DanCfo

    Episode WAS fucking hilarious!  

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