Halal Meat

The BBC reports that 30 beheaded bodies have been found in Iraq. Nice. Well, at least if you're a Muslim you can be rest assured they have been ritually slaughtered in accordance with Quranic law, by the slitting of the large arteries in the throat.

Halal on Wikipedia

Islamically, the prescribed method is to cut through the large arteries in the neck along with the esophagus with one swipe of a nonserrated blade and drain all blood and impurities from the animal, because as noted above, the consumption of blood itself is forbidden. During the draining of the blood, the animal is not handled until it has fully died. The action of slaughtering an animal is a ritual religious act that is preceded by the words "In the name of God, God is the Greatest Bismillah, Allahu Akbar بسم الله ، الله أكبر) .
Allah Snackbar! Allah Snackbar! I wonder if this were a Christian country that we had invaded and toppled a totaltarian regime, would this kind of shit be happening? Who knows. Maybe I'm just an out and out Islamophobe.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous


    the resulting halal meat does taste much nicer, due to the fact that all the stress hormones are washed out of the body, which were produced by the fear of death in those animals.

    I can taste the difference between halal and normal meat -- and very often the halal meat sold actually isn't.

    Now, I'd love some halal bacon, because sometimes, you get a full dose of adrenaline in the pork and that really tastes awful!  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Does the same apply, in your philosophy, to Kashrut (Kosher) method of preparation:

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halaal#Comparison_with_Kashrut  

  3. # Blogger Hellpig

    You can cook a pig anyway you want it still tastes GREAT  

  4. # Blogger Hellpig

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  5. # Blogger scotsguynaturist

    muslims killing muslims!...how islamic.  

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