Why Men Don't Want to Make the First Move...

This poor bastard gets 4 years jail time - for touching a woman's bum.

This would never happen in this country. Oh no. She'd probably get about £20 million compensation. That's much fairer... Not.

4 Responses to “Why Men Don't Want to Make the First Move...”

  1. # Anonymous jamal

    Nope, you can get imprisond in the UK for this too.

    I'll be youll keep your hands to yourself from now! :p  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Well I must be a serial crimininalist!

    Though generally they give me the come on before I do. And generally I get a kiss back.

    Not only that but I could have imprisoned several chicks through my life time and all...

    Oh yeah I'm hot stuff! (To my fav stalker; I'm only kidding)  

  3. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    well thanks for thinking about me.
    would it make you feel better if I turn myself in ?  

  4. # Anonymous faith

    I cannot believe that. Just for grabbing her tooshie. Damn, what is the world coming to?? That is really sad. I'm not like that. Now if my honey is with me, he may punch the guy out, but that is another story. If anything, I would yell something like, hey, I didn't get to grab your tooshie, no fair! With a big grin on my face. Now if he grabbed her chest, that is another thing, but any bootie is a bootie for grabbing!  

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