74% of Iraqis think the removal of Saddam was right. Though you would NEVER guess by glancing at this BBC Poll. Hint, it's in the 2nd to LAST sentence. Tip Marcus.

Update: The Guardian has left out the opinion of Iraqis altogether! (Well not very convenient, is it?)

Update 2: Hilarious Iraq War Was Wrong blog had done a Venn digram showing us just wrong the Iraq war was.

8 Responses to “'Peace Activists' Would Condemn The Iraqis to Saddam's Murderous Regime Against Their Will”

  1. # Blogger nouille

    Wow, thanks for that chart.

    I linked here from Charles Martel AKA Islamophobic.  

  2. # Anonymous jamal

    How many were in the sample. WEre they all Shias?  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    Well I would say, at a guess, 73% were Shia, 23% were Sunni ;)  

  4. # Blogger J

    jonz, do you still have that cartoon i sent you a few weeks back?

    if you do could you e-mail it back to me?


  5. # Blogger jonz

    'sin the post ;)  

  6. # Anonymous Guvnor

    no where near as good as einstein, sorry iww's venn diagram.

    u must try harder.lol  

  7. # Blogger Moved Elsewhere

    It is a pie chart. A Venn diagram consists of two or more overlapping circles. Nonethless, the point is well made.  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Nooo. The above is a pie chart, and IWWW blog did a Venn diagram; he has 3 overlapping circles!

    Thanks for your comment though!  

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