The Islamic Broadcasting Company

Ok saw this over at Drinking from Home and I've basically nabbed the whole post. It's too juicy to not be shouted about from wherever possible.

I have already emailed Melanie Phillips and filled in the BBC online complaint form. I was going to tell Biased BBC but some bright spark already has.

Christians die:-

Muslims die:-

5 Responses to “The Islamic Broadcasting Company”

  1. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    thanks, just when I thought I couldnt get anymore depressed about life it just gets worse.  

  2. # Anonymous gavin ayling

    I wish I was surprised -- the BBC is not worse than the Labour government (that would be too hard), but it's pretty dire.  

  3. # Blogger John Sobieski

    I wonder what % of the BBC staff is Muslim? 50%? 70%? And then you have the West hating liberals who absolutely love the Muslims and will never see anything wrong with Muslims "reacting to the oppression". That probably gets you to 99%. If there are any islamophobics there, they dare not raised their bowed heads.  

  4. # Anonymous Sunny

    Huh? What am I missing here exactlly? The second article states that there were "anti-Christian riots" earlier.  

  5. # Blogger Charles Martel

    sunny -> when Muslims attack and kill Christians, the BBC doesnt mention the Muslim religion and that it was Muslims doing the killing in their initial report.

    when its Muslims being killed, the BBC doesnt hesistate to say this - thats the 2nd report.

    in other worlds the BBC is biased towards Islam.  

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