Dhimm Cunts

I'll swear like a trooper on this issue for two reasons:

a) It's my blog and thoroughly enjoy swearing.

2) I've had several cans of Carlsberg Export (gotta support the cause!).

It's covered by Tim Blair (peace be upon him), Infidel Bloggers, and of course the indefatigable Biased BBC.

It's amazing how the BBC and the establishment can be so damned stupid. The BBC is outraged and so are the police. 'Extremists' put up a cartoon on a notice board. The Shock! The Horror! How terrible.

A spokeswoman said: "Greater Manchester Police treat any incitement of racial hatred extremely seriously and robustly investigate any such incidents that are reported to us.

"We will not tolerate any acts of racial discrimination and are committed to working with local communities to tackle any issues that may arise."

Thick cunts. Under what law exactly will they be persuing this? The law against satirical cartoons?

Pandering to the whims of intolerant Islamists is NOT the way to go about 'social cohesion'. Like DUH.

Meanwhile the Greater Manchester police do such great work in the area of social cohesion that they have had the greatest number of anti-semitic attacks in country (besides London). Must be those BNP/Nazi/White extremists, surely?!

5 Responses to “Dhimm Cunts”

  1. # Anonymous Guvnor

    It's covered by Tim Blair (peace be upon him),

    lolol lovin it!  

  2. # Blogger von Schlichtningen

    Please swear loudly on this one. The local authorities, the police and the BBC have all gone mad.  

  3. # Blogger von Schlichtningen

    BTW - as you can see on my blog - I have e-mailed a few cartoons to the authority in questions. I hope I will not shock them more?

    Probably, to my defense, some of the most highly trained terrorist experts in the UK are receiving them and not the poor traumatized employees.

    Anyway - Manchescter is probably eradicated by now. Hopefully you do not live near? I like your blog and would not like to hurt you.

    AND. How can criticism of Islam be racism? Is Islam a race now? How does this go now? "Hello I am of the African African Islamic race". And "Hi there, you are a White Caucasian Islamic Male?" - "No, no, I am of the Arabic Sub Saharan Christian race - I am a friend of this Danish Agnostic Anti PC Red Cross member race guy." Duh!  

  4. # Blogger fido

    Oh how will the west survive a terror plot by the far right posting cartoons of Mo. If we dont stamp that out who knows what it will lead to, maybe a massive photo coping campaign of mass amusement.  

  5. # Anonymous jamal

    Good show by the BBC. A nice example of anti-discrimination.

    I think that if we are to allow these instances to happen it just perpetuates the currenct problems. This is something we dont need. However, I dont think it is that serious that it need a BBC article, and coverage of it in a place such as oldham could lead to hostilities.  

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