Britains We Need You!

Your Country Needs You Mass Rally in Trafalgar Square, London, England

Saturday 11th February 2006

If you value freedom, democracy and peace then please attend this mass rally in London on Saturday 11th February 2006 at 12 noon

This is your time so please, make your voice heard and show the world that you will never surrender to threats of violence


Update: I got this from a comment on Harrys Place. Some are saying this is likely to be a far-right/racist group. But I'm thinking why let the media or the Muslim community see the extremist reactions. What about us the normal everyday moderates? Comments please!

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  1. # Blogger J

    i left this comment on IBA :

    ok, it looks like this rally may not be what we think :

    it is a rally being held by the Muslim Association of Britain and the possibly joint with the MCB.

    Date: 11th February 2006

    Time: 1pm – 5pm

    Venue: Trafalgar

    Monday, February 06, 2006 7:19:43 PM

    if a lot of non muslims go, regular Joe's and NF types, not knowing this is a "Muslim" rally, it might kick off big time  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks J.

    Hmm lets see how this one pans out, it's only a monday. I wonder who's behind that Britain needs you site...  

  3. # Anonymous sonia

    well your point re: normal everyday moderates is a good one! sounds to me like this whole hoo-ha is missing exactly that - the nutters are all out in force - the 'extremist' reaction is what's out there and in everyone's face ( well makes for good media content! i guess..). Obviously all the sensible people aren't making a fuss because what fuss is there to be made. Alas, these things will turn into a crisis...
    I personally hope the 'everyday moderates' of all shapes sizes and colours don't end up losing to a bunch of violent unpleasant types on any side.  

  4. # Anonymous sonia

    Hmm what i don't like about this whole hoo-ha is this 'lumping everyone in the same bracket' business.

    - a 'muslim' rally - what on earth is that? really this whole thing is so damn ridiculous. ( no-one will go to a rally if they think its a 'muslim' rally!)

    how can it be that all 'muslims' will think the same thing. when obviously any person out causing a silly fuss is clearly a silly person, who is trying to be representative of something when they are not the representatives. they're individuals expressing some silly ideas and that's what it should be seen as. but no..humans must have this silly tribal ideas..solidarity - what the hell is that about? oh- we -are- a group -we -must -all- think- the -same -??

    Just in the same way it wouldn't make sense if what some nutty BNP person does, is represented as a 'white' thing. Though precisely the problem to me appears that a lot of asian diasporic types ( i.e. the immigrants over here) think just that. So silly and undemocratic. "Us against Them". Always! can we never get away from that? Any of us?

    And if you resist this group pressure type thing, you'll get name-called one way or the other, by one group or the other. so bl**dy anoying.

    this is all like a return to the dark ages..why is why i find it so scary. 'Divide into groups and stand on either side of the line..'"Us against Them". Choose your "Us" and choose your "Them".. you can hear the faint strains of that already..)

    Goodness me. that's my rant! ;-)

    anyway i wouldn't go to a rally if i thought it was organized by 'the MCB' - how do i know they won't start throwing rocks or sth..and little moi will get lumped with a bunch of weirdos. I'm not taking that chance..who's going to know that i'm me and not some psycho extremist? I'll stay well out of a potential us them scenario - as its ridiculous.

    See this is the problem of thinking in terms of 'tribes'. this cartoon hoo-ha proves how problematic is.. 'ownership' of ideas and then fuss about it.

    Everyone assumes this means the tribe is representative and individuals come second. That's what irritates me so much. perhaps i should rename my blog the importance of the individual - and fuck these silly 'classifications'/groups.  

  5. # Anonymous sonia

    in case my rant was too long and overshadowed what was actually my main point- which is the relationship of the issue of 'tribes'/'groups' to the cartoon hoo-ha. it seems to me that people's perceived 'ownership' of ( identity seems to be bound up with concepts of 'ownership'/'monopoly') an idea/thing is the problem. So if someone sees fit to say something about something - who gets pissed off? whoever feels 'ownership' of that idea. now obviously there's no such thing as that kind of ownership. Appropriation - call it what you like. Clearly! So for example, this is tied up with what a lot of people find irrational - that if you're black you can go around saying 'nigger' but if you're white you can't. overt 'political correctness' is full of this silly assigning of ownership of concepts/terms/ideas whatever - so the reasoning is well its a 'black' thing...same with the idea that some music is 'black' and some is 'white'. What the hell? replace black and white with anything you like - muslim, jew, nation-state - and you have a similar issue.

    If identities weren't so wrapped in what is viewed as 'exclusive property' then we wouldn't need to get into this sort of brouhaha. Its back to the 'your momma's a prostitute' type schoolyard fight. 'how dare you say that about MY MOMMA'? that to me pretty much sums up the cartoon debacle. So- in my eyes - that implies these people think they have ownership over what is said and done about person x ( whoever that might be - its the Prophet in this case, but could be something else some other day) When obviously they can't have such a monopoly. you can't 'stop' people thinking what they like about person x y or z. or make them think what you think. Obviously. but when people feel they have 'ownership' over something, they get irrational - just like the kid whose mamma was called a prostitute - And start taking it Personally.

    Well obviously there's no need to take it personally ( even if it is meant personally - why in that situation as any smart kid would tell you, the smart thing to do is to not react and the botherer will go away...)

    schoolyard fights. ha - yes we funny humans don't seem to be able to get past that very easily.  

  6. # Blogger J

    good rants sonia. 2 points, firstly it is collective human nature to bunch ourselves into groups, nations etc... it's unavoidable, for we find security in numbers. not that we can't use those numbers for good though.

    secondly, if you feel scared to go to a march, either pretend to be a passer by just looking on, or go with a camera and people will usually leave you alone, for many reasons.  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    Damn Sonia, no rants for aaaages then 2 massive ones come along at onece...  

  8. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    dont react and they will go away?  

  9. # Anonymous Guv

    Damn it. The problem is, most of us are so laid back getting us out of the pub and into the cold will be a job in its self. Cos we are not the ones who walk around with chips on our shoulders or feel the need to apologise for our culture all the time.

    So in theory, getting us "moderates" out and having a protest (even a good piss take one with silly banners just chatting shit) with humour and show people how it should be done would be fun.  

  10. # Anonymous Guv

    "dont react and they will go away? " We have been not reacting for years, now we have suicide bombers born in this country.

    See how far not reacting gets you.  

  11. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    guv...I was quesrtioning sonias rant comment.  

  12. # Anonymous sonia

    "collective human nature to bunch ourselves into groups, nations etc."

    sure - but we need to understand the dynamics of this properly instead of just viewing it in a push-button sense. The interesting thing about social psychology is that it looks at how people work in groups - given as you say- yup we're pack animals - so let's look at group dynamics, how peer pressure works, how strong individuals ( leaders) seek to use/mould group situations to their benefit - leaders etc.  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

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