Aboslutely No Link Between Islam and Fascism. Repeat, There Is No Link....

I wish fundie Muslims would work out if they believe the holocaust is a myth propogated in order to elicit sympathy for the Zionists, or if it was a holy piece of work to burn those Jews...

More peace & love from Pakistan. Picture from LGF. Fascists and Islam hand in hand. Mwah. Should get a bed together.

Obviously a one off. Well, apart from this. Oh, and this.

2 Responses to “Aboslutely No Link Between Islam and Fascism. Repeat, There Is No Link....”

  1. # Anonymous Guvnor

    I have been saying this all along. There is a lot of similarities but for some reason much of the world seems to find it acceptable for Muslims to do this but not when it comes out of the mouth of somebody wearing a nazi tattoo.

    Jihad = Struggle Mein Kampf = My Struggle. Even the terminology is similar.

    Jews control the media, wasnt that a Hitler quote? But you hear it everyday from Muslims. Just imagine the outcry if somebody were to say Muslims drive all the taxis, that would be classed as Islamophobia.

    Like any good nazi, it is best to use the 'victim' card to gain support. Nazis made sure every German felt like a victim of the Versailles Treaty after starting World War 1. Infact the German government made the Mark worthless, stirring up even more self pity (actually they had more reason to feel hard done by than Muslims). Hitler quickly stirred all this up. Of course the Jews, the zionist conspirecy. Before you knew it, it was perfectly normal to want to kill a jew. Why, cos Jews control the media, all the big businesses and such and are bleeding Germans dry.

    The Jews were taking food out of the mouths of starving Germans. Kick them out or use them as slaves (isnt there a part of Mein Kampf, sorry I meant the Quran that says something similar about the Jews).

    Better still, just wipe out all Jews and be done with the problem. What a great (final) solution.

    Stand up Iran, Stand up Syria. Stand up average Muslim on the streets.  

  2. # Anonymous Guvnor

    of course anyone that supports the jew will have to be dealt with too. The USA, UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia. We are not wanting to kill anybody, just they must hand over the jews and give us any land we ask for. The Nazis believe in Peace. Look at the examples, sorting out problems and not one drop of blood spilled (cept for the jews in the street but they dont count) Austria & Czechoslovakia. And had Poland just done what we told them, there would never have been a war.

    And where did being neutral get Belgium?  

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