Want some Israelis blown up? Vote for Galloway to win Big Brother

What have you and Little Miss Muffet got in common? You've both got Kurds in your way! Haha so funny. Little shit Galloway with mass murderer Saddam Hussein.

No real surprise here, but Galloway will be donating to a British based Palestinian charity which funnels millions into the hands of Hamas run charities. Nice. More at Justify This!

I'm actually managing to avoid watching BB, the site of GG gets me into a rage! I almost feel like suicide bombing BB HQ in the name of George Gallowayitis.. Sickening. Little shit.

3 Responses to “Want some Israelis blown up? Vote for Galloway to win Big Brother”

  1. # Blogger J

    as pathetic as it may sound, I usually end up getting quite into BB after watching a couple of shows.

    However, as you've pointed out, looking at GG just makes me cringe and want to switch the channel. Especially when I saw him in sweats. YUK!  

  2. # Blogger wilhelmina

    thats a funy joke.  

  3. # Anonymous guvnor

    with galloway and barrymore i think there is a good case for calling in the yanks to do an airstrike on the bb house.  

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