Retreat of Reason

For centuries Britain has been a beacon of liberty of thought, belief and speech, but now the freedom of its intellectual and political life is being subjected to a subtle form of 'censorship', according to a new study of political correctness published by the independent think-tank Civitas.

Anthony Browne argues in The Retreat of Reason that political correctness, which classifies certain groups of people as victims in need of protection from criticism and allows no dissent to be expressed, is poisoning the wells of debate in modern Britain.

It's real quite something that in this day and age, the truth is no longer the truth, but the truth is what is policitcally correct. Britain is sinking into a pit of politically correct self-delusion, a former apology of itself.

For example, the huge increases in HIV cases are quite simply due to the immigration of HIV positive Africans. But this is 'politically incorrect'. The politically correct version is that the cause is that young teenagers are more having unprotected sex.

I mean come on, who actually believes the crap printed in the politically correct press anyway?!
How are we to help effectively deal with this problem with pretend that the all people who have a HIV are chavs from Essex? (They might have higer levels of crabs but generally the HIV over there is pretty low - as is the IQ!)

How on earth is a civilised society supposed to tackle problems when it lies about the nature of the problem? We need to take a long hard, uncomfortable look at the world in order to find solutions to problems.

Issue Politically Correct Truth Factually Correct Truth
Women's pay less than men's Sex discrimination Different work/life choices, childcare breaks
Explosion in HIV Teenagers having unsafe sex African immigration
Rise in anti-semitic attacks White skinheads Muslim youths
Africa getting poorer West not giving enough aid Bad governance

The independent think tank Civitas introduces us to this rather intriguing look at... well the truth for most normal people. We already know this shit, but some many people would rather bury their heads up their arses and sing la de da songs.

14 Responses to “Retreat of Reason”

  1. # Blogger J

    i almost cried laughing at the PC truth for the last issue. nice post jonz  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Lol indeed  

  3. # Blogger dag

    I remember the scene in the movie An American Werewolf in London where the American wants to get arrested so he won't be a menace to Londoners when he becomes a werewolf. He's standing naked in Trafalgar Sq. or someplace, and the bobby won't arrest him no matter what he does. In desperation he yells out: "The queen is a man!" Nope, can't get arrested. But now if he said Islam is a violent poligion that kills people at random-- no, let's say if he had a cartoon of Mohammed, then he could get arrested. Think of all the lives that would save.

    Yes, now it makes sense.  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I hope the last line of this post wasn't kind of made for me also  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Good lord no. Singing sings is not mutually exclusive with burying your head up your arse. I prefer to breathe everything in, good or bad, then sing.  

  6. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    sorry, maybe I have a complex. thought maybe you had something against Bowie. I hope with all my nicey talk you dont think Im one of these "correct people"  

  7. # Blogger Rick Darby


    I'm a Yank, but everyone in the U.K. who belongs to The Resistance is my mate as far as I'm concerned.

    See my posting on the same subject at Reflecting Light.  

  8. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    You've probably heard of Le Petoman, who used to go on stage and sing through his arse. This is quite true, by the way.

    One day he had a bit of an accident. "Sorry, just clearing my throat", he quipped. In French.  

  9. # Blogger jonz

    OP you are a veritable gold mind of information. And more evidence that the French speak of out their arses...  

  10. # Anonymous W

    and ofcourse don't forget the schools that banned the singing of baa-baa black sheep, adn those million poles who came here and stole our jobs when poland entered the EU, and all those sans eaten by the asylum seekers in finsbury park.

    all i can say is thank god for the daily mail!.  

  11. # Anonymous W

    swans in finsbury park even.

    i saw it happen you know!. well, a friend of a friend did. Told me as soon as he got back from the conservative club.  

  12. # Blogger jonz

    W I think you're talking bollocks!

    But that's what lefties do... No capacity for rational thought, only hysterical blurts.

    Quite good impersonation of a 'right wing nutter', though.  

  13. # Anonymous sam

    Not sure I agree with the last paragraph of your post... just because we know it's the truth, doesn't mean we can ACT on it. Facing politically sensitive issues is tricky, identifying them as critical and desensitising the public to them is an important step in removing the "over-PC" status quo.

    Another blog with interesting comments on the same issue:  

  14. # Anonymous W

    W I think you're talking bollocks!

    good catch jonz

    Quite good impersonation of a 'right wing nutter', though.

    wasn't going for the nutter stance, was going for the average Daily Mail or Express reader, what gave it away?, the conservative club?

    no-one goes to them anymore. I'll work on it  

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