I See Dumb People.

Fancy a laugh? Read the BBC's Have Your Say Comments, regarding Iran and 'Nuclear Energy'. I have rated them for dumbness.
If we are so much against unstable or bellicose leaders and their governments from having nuclear weapons, then why is there not a similar outcry against USA having nuclear weapons? Unfortunately, we cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Kelvin, Worcester 7/10
You go girl! (Twat). America has something called a 'democracy'. It has never called for the anhilation of another country. The US is accountable to it's people. Iran is not.

The world community should trust Iran. Why is it okay for others - west, Pakistan, India & Israel are allowed to have nuclear technology and not Iran? The double standard is shocking and the demonizing of Iran serves no purpose. We (west) should keep our noses out of Iranian internal politics. 8/10 esmie, edmonton,Canada

Iranian Mullahs who control the country regularly scream Death to the West. Esmie I'm surprised yo have enough brain cells to type.

I Find it a brilliant idey for iran. They need nucleuar Jim 10/10

How many more times will the people in the west believe in these scaremongering stories put forward by our leaders? I simply don't believe these stories, not since the Iraq debacle. The current US administration and Tony Blair hold absolutely no credibility now. Will there be another military intervention by the US and the UK only to find out in the end that Iran's intention were peaceful? Dito Cujo, Portugal 9/10

Well, dickhead, check out what the Iranian fundamentalists feel out about your thick Kuffar ass. Yeah! Thats right cocknose, Bush & Blair are liars -- which means Iran is the beacon for world peace and tolerance. Except for the odd murder. Try googling Iran & torture.

It's not all dumbness though

Amazing, A topic on Iran having nuclear energy, But most of what I read is anti-american comments? It will be Europe who will be affected bye a nuclear blast from Iran, Not America. ROBERT, michigan, USA

Yup. The world is full of delusional fools. Depressing isn't it?

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  1. # Blogger DFH

    I Find it a brilliant idey for iran. They need nucleuar Jim 10/10

    That really did make me LOL.

    As for Gathering Storm II, that's not so funny.  

  2. # Blogger Crazy Politico

    Considering none of Iran's current missiles have the range to hit the US, Europe should worry. Remember, to the mullahs the west is the west, dead nonbelievers is what they want  

  3. # Blogger Gavin Ayling

    It is a shame that so many of the commenters from foreign countries have such ill-educated views on Iran's nuclear 'deterrent'... It makes people think that Canadians and the Portugese are represented by these people!  

  4. # Blogger Wolfie

    I'm very worried about Iran getting the nuclear capability but I'm also very worried that Israel already has it and hasn't signed the NPT. Lets be fair shall we? Take the toys of both those nutters!  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    You have nothing to fear from Israel. Zionism is concerned with an area the size of Wales; Islamism concerned with dominating the whole planet!

    I'll take the Zionism if it's all the same to you!  

  6. # Blogger Wolfie

    If that was true then what did they want nukes for in the first place? Nuke the West Bank? To scare Saddam? The Iranians? The world knows that America would protect them so what are they for? If Isreal is OUR friend then they must prove it - sign the NPT! I'd like to believe you, I really would.  

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