Disgusting Yahoo.

Will spend the next 10 years in a stinking prison, for the crime of speaking freely (thanks to Yahoo)

Yahoo have sold their soul to the devil. The Chinese Secret Police asked for the details of somebody using an email account and they was like, "sure no problem! Any other innocent civilians you'd like to imprison?". Link

As Gene points out, "Yahoo did not know the reason the secret police wanted the emailer's identity? That's a great excuse. Did they think maybe the government wanted to award him a medal for his bravery?" Stupidity is no excuse.

People get beaten and imprisoned in China for having dissenting views about the government. Utter cunts. SIGN THE PETITION - it won't take a minute!

Gallant Google takes a stand against US government invasion of privacy. Please if you still use yahoo as a search engine please switch to a less gutless enterprise.

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