Digital TV Box gets Depressed; Sends out SOS Signal to Satellites

A rogue signal from a digital television box sparked a two-hour rescue effort involving the RAF, coastguards and a helicopter.

The set-top freeview box sent out an SOS call which was picked up by satellite and sent to RAF Kinloss in Scotland in the early hours of Jan 5.

The Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre at the Moray airbase traced the signal to Portsmouth, where the box was sending out the exact same call as emergency distress beacons.

Officials alerted coast guards on the South Coast, and a helicopter from Lee-on-the-Solent was sent to investigate. After two hours flying over Portsmouth harbour looking for stricken sailors, the signal was eventually tracked to dry land.

RAF spokesman Michael Mulford said: "Our Kinloss rescue centre picked up this beacon from one of five orbiting satellites listening out for these things.

"It was a 121.5 transmission - that's the major emergency frequency, a Mayday. We traced it to Portsmouth Harbour, checked and found out there were no vessels in the area or missing planes.

"We checked with Ofcom and they quickly established it was coming from a household. It turned out to be a faulty freeview box. This is very very unusual, it's a complete freak."

An Ofcom spokesman said the box, which is not meant to transmit signals of any kind, had been taken away from the house for tests.

Is Skynet months or years away?! You saw it here first, digital TV boxes contacting satellites in space! From The Telegraph.

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  1. # Blogger Cassandra

    Where do we sign up?  

  2. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Perhaps it was depressed at broadcastig George Galloway's pussy on Celebrity Big Brother Live. Who wouldn't be?  

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