What Media Bias? (Or alternatively How Stupid?!)

Many thanks to JustifyThis! for 'breaking' the story!!

DOWNLOAD the original page, and if you're quick it will still be in the original location!

3 Responses to “What Media Bias? (Or alternatively How Stupid?!)”

  1. # Blogger DFH

    Bloody Zionists!  

  2. # Blogger J


    new video from terrorist tv al jazeera, in the last ten seconds or so of the bbc video the hostages are seen standing in orange jumpsuits.  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    What I want to know is where the hell do they get these orange boiler suits from? Is there some cave factory where they churn them out?

    Well they delayed, maximising their publicity. I'm just wandering if they'll go for the head chop, or perhaps a more modest bullet to the head and dump the bodies... Allah Snackbar.  

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