Riots in Sydney: This Time Whites Attacking 'Muslim' Immigrants

Mob assaults a man with beer bottles at North Cronulla
SYDNEY, Dec 11 (Reuters) - Racial tension erupted into violence on a Sydney beach on Sunday when around 5,000 people, some yelling racist chants, attacked youths of a Middle Eastern background, saying they were defending their stretch of beach.
Why? From the Australian Telegraph
The reports of women being abused for being immodestly dressed, or travelling alone, or drinking alcohol, are too numerous to be dismissed.

There is no doubt that many regular users of Cronulla beach feel, as do many Anglo-Australians (particularly women) who come in regular contact with large numbers of Middle Eastern migrants, that Australia's easy-going casual culture is under attack from young Middle Eastern males.

Weak response

THE authorities have for too long ignored such incidents of anti-social behaviour instead of adopting a zero-tolerance position toward those who claim they live by different cultural standards.

The State Government's policy of placate and appease made the police look ill-prepared and undecided in Redfern and in Macquarie Fields. Yesterday they appeared to be overwhelmed by the task they faced.

It will take more than a dose of politically correct counselling to restore harmony to Cronulla beach this summer.

Firstly dumb arse attacks like this I utterly condemn. I mean what the fuck? The guy getting viciously attacked in the photo looks like has done fuck all. What are they, animals?

Hopefully the FULL force of the law will come down on ALL of those breaking the law, be they thuggish racists or otherwise.

Update: Man has been stabbed

Update 2: Aussie blogger Tim Blair has an excellent piece on this, hat tip Marcus from Harrys Place.
Why have you not enabled comments David T? Surely if HP is the anti-fascist left you have nothing to fear? Or is this a bit of self-censorship of sorts?

4 Responses to “Riots in Sydney: This Time Whites Attacking 'Muslim' Immigrants”

  1. # Blogger §å®å[¦]*&*TreeNaH

    whats wrong with people...
    they should start smoking pot and eat...instead of getting drunk and beating on people...  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    I suggest the Australian Lebanese (who seem to be the target here) to share some of their Lebanese hashish with the locals... Chill them the fuck out..  

  3. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    Good post.

    You never think of australia and rioting together.  

  4. # Blogger DFH

    Just looking at the photo - you'd think Leyton Hewitt would have better things to do.  

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