'The Independent' - Lying Fuckers

A more articulate me would say something like this from Scott Burgess, Britain Loses A Newspaper.

The November 2005 BBC/ABC Poll of Iraqis is here in pdf format. Scott says;

For example, in "THE WAR IN NUMBERS From WMD to the victims", readers learn that "Iraqis who feel less secure because of occupation" number 67% of the total. And yet the BBC figures (page 8) show that 60.3% feel that "the security situation" is "better" or "about the same" as it was before the war. Why is the Independent reluctant to use the latest figures? [Well cos they're lying fuckers?!]

Similarly, the Indy reports that 82% of Iraqis "are 'strongly opposed' to presence of coalition troops", while the BBC number (page 21) is about half that (43.7%). [Not even close. Lying fuckers.]

"The Iraqi people were promised a brave new world. Instead, they are living in fear"

A view contradicted by the BBC poll, which finds that 63.2% feel "very safe" in their neighbourhoods (page 22). [Fucking tossers!! Makes me so angry! I'm going to suicide attack the Indy offices any minute in the name of rationality and logic!?]

Please take the time to read the rest from The Daily Ablution.

There's also a bit on the riot incidents in Sydney aswell. No further comment!

4 Responses to “'The Independent' - Lying Fuckers”

  1. # Blogger Pastorius

    I love this post, Jonz. Particularly the line about suicide bombing their office in the name of rationality and logic.


  2. # Blogger jonz


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